Children, minors and teenagers attending Padraig King’s wellness clinics learn more easily, speak more effectively, move with greater ease and have scored more goals, exceeded their targets and passed developmental milestones.

Fears and anxieties have been eliminated, concentration has improved,  reading, maths, spellings and tables have been transformed from struggle to pleasure for thousands who have attended here.

Pre exam pressure, school anxiety, study skills and balancing sleep, eating and study with busy sports and social lives have become a reality for many teens and pre teens. When they attend the wellness clinic, they experience a deep relaxation and many report that the reset button on their internal computer has been pressed and they feel like they are starting afresh. They report that they can then think clearly, manage their resources, time and energy in a more productive and rewarding manner that leads to more peace in the house and in class.

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[Registering on our Mailing lisand prepaying for your appointment can save you up to 20%.]