Are you wasting time, money and energy using  inefficient ways to communicate, organise or understand?

  • Are you able to express your thoughts, ideas and emotions easily?
  • Can you organise your time, money and resources easily and leave time and money for relaxation?
  • Do you need to hear or read something more than once to get the full facts and enjoyment from a book or conversation?

Clients from business, communication, education , movement and sports backgrounds attend my clinics all over Ireland and abroad because they want to make major improvements to the way they communicate, organise and understand what they see, hear and learn.

I am delighted to be able to tailor my 5 step approach to match their needs.

Step 1

Having tuned up their brain and body to prepare for change we set a real goal  rooted in their living experience  and that inspires them to want to change so that they can achieve it.

Step 2

Then we see how their brain and body act when they set about doing the goal activity and we check out how they main information systems are working – we check the ease with which they can use their seeing, listening, memory, coordination and balance. We check  what they notice about themselves when they pretend to be in that goal situation with a 10 to 15 second roleplay.

After all the checks are done  in step two and any blockages or difficulties are noted we move to the third step –

Step 3

Here I present a choice of some physical activities that will facilitate change. I demonstrate how the activity can be done. they do the activity and their abilities and comfort zones are extended immediately.

These physical activities have proved to be highly successful in the past to facilitate my clients to make similar changes to the way they, think, feel and act.

Step 4

In step four we recheck all areas that were presenting as challenges, difficulties etc. and recheck the roleplay.

Step 5

In step five we celebrate the success and consolidate it with a  simple activity to be repeated each day for three weeks.

It is amazing to watch people change rapidly and totally in the space of a few minutes . It is truly heart-warming to hear back the reports from clients as they return for more and bring friends and family for sessions where I facilitate them to optimise their unique potential with my five simple steps.

Adults, teens and children of all ages have benefited from my simple 5 step approach to reaching your peak performances.

To make the most of your abilities and resources, or those of a person you care for,  book your session with me today.


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