The SMARTER Focus course  is for you, your family, friends and colleagues. This course is brand new but built from tried and tested techniques and activities that have helped thousands to achieve success that was beyond their reach without my help.

For many years I was a school teacher and the biggest challenge that I helped my students to deal with was their lack of concentration. I noticed that many teachers were focused on their subjects and did not have ways or techniques to help students to learn to concentrate . They brought the horse to water, offered water and became very frustrated when the student could not apply themselves to drink in the information. When I transitioned to being a full time Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym consultant I found that not only students needed help to master their concentration but people I’d all ages and from all walks of life.

With over 30 years experience as a professional in switching on concentration and a lifetime of personal experience in mastering my own wandering mind I have been privileged to help thousands of children, teens and adults to switch on and grow their concentration and achieve successes that were otherwise left beyond their reach.

Now I have been persuaded to teach some of this in a two day course that could help you to

  • Calm your body enough to be ready to concentrate deeply
  • Still your mind so that it can bring lasr sharp attention to the desired task
  • Grow your own natural ability for concentration from a few seconds to minutes during the course and much for longer thereafter with a little practice
  • Give you the tools to keep extending your concentration so that it serves you on education, sports, business and your day to day living.

In the course you will learn

  • Why distractions have stopped you from concentrating
  • How to overcome these distractions quickly and easily
  • How to prepare your body and mind for longer periods of concentration than ever before
  • How to check others and yourself for “readiness to concentrate”
  • How to “switch on” those areas of your brain and body that facilitate you to develop and sharpen your concentration
  • How to quickly, easily and happily concentrate for as long as you need to achieve the success that has previously been denied to you
  • How to set the kind of immediate goals that deliver success every time – SMARTER Goals

SMARTER Goals deliver SMARTER Concentration the easy way

When you want to focus all of your attention on a task then it really helps to set a specific short term goal that will get every cell of your brain and body working with you to achieve this. I have devised a simple way to do this . The goal must be


When you can convince your conscious and subconscious minds that a particular task is worth doing for a short sprint then you can engage the full energetic participation of every cell in your brain and body. Old fears, worries and negative thought patterns can be put aside temporarily as you sprint through the task with your eyes firmly fixed on the Reward ( what ever you choose that to be- a 5 minute walk or whatever)

The course is presents real and verifiable solutions to a number of basic difficulties or obstacles that have limited your concentration. As we eliminate the obstacles one by one your vision, hearing and other senses can be focused on the single task that is to be done rather than noticing every distraction and so we grow your ability to concentrate .

As a child I was prone to being easily distracted but somehow I learned the importance of concentration and have spent a lifetime learning to master my ability to concentrate. I investigated a wide variety of training and some were more useful than others. My own adaptation of these techniques this has helped me to pull together quick, effective physical approach that I am sharing with you in this two day course. The physical approach and effective techniques that I am showing you are drawn from kinesiology, educational kinesiology , Brain Gym(r), NLP, the Silva Method of Mind Control, the Power of Positive Thinking and so many others that I have studied which helped to shape me into the specialist in concentration and focus that I have become.

If you or a family member, a friend or colleague could do with better concentration then this course will give you and them a straight path to deeper concentration than ever before.

We offer a special rate for two attending together as I know from past experience that when two or more from and area it a family do a course they can support each other locally and practice and remind each other. We go further and offer a deeper discount for 3, 4, 5 and more booking as a group.

This course will be offered in 4 venues in Ireland this year – Dublin, Cork, Galway and Derry. After that it will be taken abroad to meet the needs of those who truly value concentration.

100% Guarantee

WE take all risk out by offering you a 100% money back guarantee. We invite you to take the course and if you do not improve your concentration then we will give you your money back !

If you know of someone who might benefit from hearing about this course then please pass this information to them and suggest that they check out for themselves .

Finally as this course is not being offered again in your area we suggest you book one or more of the limited places before Feb 1st when the Early Bird Booking Rates expire.

Looking forward to helping you and yours switch on and grow your concentration beyond your wildest dreams! Everyone over with a genuine desire to learn to concentrate is welcome to attend.