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Mindful Concentration
for Study, Business, Relationships and Living a Meaningful Life.
Carrick on Shannon
Monday and Tuesday April 10/11, 2017

Limited seats so book straight away!

By the end of this course you will have

  1. Cleared Your mind,
  2. Calmed Your Body,
  3. Eliminated Your Stress
  4. Erased Past Traumas.
  5. Eliminated the distractions that were limiting your concentration
  6. Resourced your brain and body to promote better concentration, understanding and meaningul commuinication
  7. Understood the significance of SMARTER Goals for creating the new you
  8. Been able to set a goal to concentrate for more than 15 minutes at a time and achieve it using simple physical activities
  9. Self-Regulated your mind, energy, resources and attention to create the future and present that you desire
  10. Set smarter goals that will deliver the results that you have always wanted but denied yourself due to poor self belief or self sabotage.
  11. Used physical activities to promote deep concentration, deep relaxation and deeper levels of communication.
  12. Used these techniques and activities safely, easily, happily and consistently to experience each moment with a more meaningful presence of mind.
  13. Been able to establish accurately which areas of your brain and body are switched on and supporting your concentration at any time and in any state.
  14. Learned the tools to switch on all areas of your brain and body which support concentration, communication and success in a smarter and more effective way than ever before…. to mention but a few….

Look How easy this is...

Anyone 14 years old or over may attend.

As the course is easy to follow and does not ask you to memorise anything, read a book or sit an exam, no previous experience of using your brain is required!!  

If you feel you have forgotten how to learn, or to remember,  then this course will suit you as it will be practical.

This is the format I use throughout the course:

I demonstrate with somebody how we can make positive changes to  the way to see, hear, relax, feel and do what you wish to be able to do more easily, safely, happily and comfortably. Then you copy what I did with a partner and you are making similar changes possible for them and for yourself. Then you swap over and they help you to make the changes. Everybody gets to experience the changes and you make them permanent changes for yourself in minutes. 

Any questions you would like answered?

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