Master the Art of SMARTER Decision Making

Whether you are deciding on which college, which course, which career path to follow or which main course to have in your favourite restaurant you need to make a decision that delivers peace of mind, security and success.
Decisions need to be focused on your Goals
To make decisions that you can be comfortable with long term you need to choose the goals you want to pursue.
Suggest you learn to have confidence in your decision making before changing your life so set small goals first and as you build in self confidence you will be making better decisions and growing your future the way you decide it will be.
I use the acronym SMARTER for goal setting.
When choosing a goal make it one you can achieve shortly. Make it specific and clear
How I’ll you know you have achieved this goal? What measure will you use?
Make it easily achievable as we build self trust and self confidence from our successes.
How real, right, relevant is thus for you ?
What’s the shortest time frame you can have to accomplish this ?
Will the outcome energise, encourage and empower you?
How can you choose an internal reward that will make this goal and decision worthwhile for you and those you care about?

Learn to make better decisions the SMARTER way