Padraig King has given over 300 presentations to more than 200,000 people since 1998, including top CEOs, Large and Small Organisations, business owners and managers, world champion  Dancers and Sportspeople, educators, students and their parents. 

He has taught people how to have greater business and personal success by showing them how to tap into the full power of their own personal energy systems and to choose easier ways to get the results they desire. 

He focuses on making it easier for each person to set and achieve their SMARTER goals. The result is a work force that is more positive, effective, focused, energised and more productive; students that are more efficient learners and successful in exams;  and individuals who are living more fulfilling and satisfied lives.

Padraig King is the author of many ebooks, audios and videos. He has been interviewed and featured on local and national press , radio and on a number of occasions was part of an expert panel on national television who successfully boosted the memory, stress reduction  and mental functioning of a group of volunteers.

He produces courses, videos workshops and seminars on goal setting, goal achievement and successfully living the life you want and getting the results you desire.

He speaks and consults in the areas of Self  Management, Overcoming Self Sabotage, Stress Reduction and Elimination, Increased Productivity, Confidence Building and Overcoming Anxiety. 

Padraig King’s dynamic, educational and entertaining keynotes and seminars have a long-term impact on performance enhancement and productivity. 

For more detailed information on Padraig King’s programs, workshops,seminars and one to one consultations or  to find out more about Padraig, please visit his website website: www.

or message Padraig King In confidence.+353861723510