You may not be an Olympian but what's stopping you from reaching your own unique potential?

You may not be an Olympian but what’s stopping you from reaching your own unique potential?

To be your best and then exceed your personal best,PB, requires long hours of training, dedication and determination. Sometimes this is easier to see in spots events where the best prepared and most resourced competitors excel.

High performance training and top nutrition play an essential part in the success of top athletes. What about those who get the same training, nutrition and somehow do not reach their potential or match their own personal best when it counts?

Over many years I have drawn out the best in competitors of all grades, abilities and strengths in fields from under 7’s who were not kicking the ball straight, to decathlon competitors who wanted to quickly heal injuries and break through their personal bests.

My Approach
In all of my sessions with sports people, whatever their age, sport or ability levels, I use their own body’s information to guide us as we tailor the best possible and fastest route to optimise their unique potential. This is done using simple bio-feedback without machines, gadgets or magic. then we set an appropriate goal which stretches them just beyond their comfort zone and provide simple movement activities that support them in taking one step beyond where their subconscious mind thought they could go. Once they realise that they can celebrate achieving new kill levels, faster speeds and more power in minutes. My sessions do not replace coaching, training or conditioning. They are not a replacement for medical attention or physiotherapy. However they give that edge to performances where the grace of movement, ease of action and single-minded focus and unique potential of the competitor are drawn out, extended and ultimately rewarded with improved performances. Thereafter they can achieve their potential on demand. They enjoy sporting success.

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