Rewire Your Brain for Exam Success

“Exam help needed” is all I hear in late February and early March and sometimes even into April and May from worried parents, stressed teachers and panicked students who have realised that Johnny or Mary need help!

This year I have only a small number places available for exam year students who recognise they need help and are willing to rewire their brain to learn more efficiently and effectively for exams!  I don’t  offer subject grinds,  but instead make learning, understanding, self organisation, confidence,  communication, memory and concentration much more successful!

My “Rewire Your Brain for Success” program is simple but has proven to be highly effective !

Session 1

We wipe away stress and anxiety using calming techniques and simple visualisation that switches off the deeper subconscious and conscious stresses!

Session 2

We set a SMARTER Goal around the results they want to achieve .

Session 3

We plug into clarity of thought and create and access their own vision of their future

Session 4

We focus on clearing out all unnecessary information to make room for new information and co  etc this to previously known information so that memory is made easier l, more useful and comprehensive

Session 5

We focus attention like never before and zero in on the priority information from each paragraph read.

Session 6

We plug in joined up thinking and make it far easier for students to express their understanding and recollection in words on the page, in oral exams and in any language including Irish  mathematics!

Session 7

As illegible handwriting is what cost me up to 20% in exams I zero in on wats to improve handwriting and make it faster, clearer and more legible!

Session 8

We focus on what to do in the final weeks and days before the exam

Session 9

We clear out predxam nerves

Session 10

We have teach students how to erase one exam from their awareness so as to focus on the next exam , no matter how well or how poorly they did !

Bonus 1

Each session is a group call on Zoom a professional and secure online training  platform.

Each session is recorded in Video mp4 and as an Audio MP3 file. which is recorded and made available free to all students in the program until their exam results are published.

Bonus 2:

After the exam results are published a free Group Session is offered to celebrate their success and reestablish clarity, focus snd help students to select their path forward!

Bonus 3:

A private call can be arranged for each student partipating, with their responsible adult accompanying any student  under 18. In this session their  individual difficulties , challenges and strengths can be addressed and extra private sessions can be arranged at a reduced fee where needed!

To Reserve your exam student’s place now and claim your free Bonuses including your free private session click here