Know someone who is Preparing for Interviews or Studying for Exams?
Every year I work with a small group of students and interviewees to take them from ordinary and struggling to exceptional success.

Using simple activities i help to create shortcuts between new information that you are learning and previous knowledge. This cuts down on time wasted re learning and helps you to recall exactly what you need when you need it.

Approaching your exams and interviews with confidence is essential as the areas of the brain that are used to learn when under stress hold the information for a very short time.

When I work with you I find out what you need and find a way to make the bridge between where you are and where you are capable of being with ba little of the right support. I work at your pace and with regular sessions I prepare your body and mind  to learn, re,member, organise, understand and  communicate what you know in an intelligent way that gets you exceptional results.

Among many tips, trick and techniques distilled from the experience of helping countless students through interviews and exams , I show you how to respond rather than react when faced with the unexpected. This skill alone is worth learning as a life skill but is critical when faced with the unexpected in exams and interviews. It can make the difference between someone who shines and another who blows a fuse.

I work with you as a whole person calming your body, relaxing you so that you being to settle down to preparing for your assessment, Focus your attention, think clearlyaccess you natural intelligence (which be hidden at present but can be brought out with the right support) so that you can apply it to boosting your scores.

I work with a small number of students and interviewees one to one (under 18’s have an adult present / written consent) in my 7 clinics and through Skype calls.

Right now I have only a handful of places left so if this sounds like something that you want then book a free call with me and lets get started

  • 5 places left for 2016 Leaving Cert students 
  • 3 places for Junior Cert 2016 Students
  • just two places at present for Interviewees 

Book a free no obligation call with me and see what we can achieve together.[maxbutton id=”10″]

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