For many years I have provided training and individualised sessions for people of all ages in Business, Education, Personal Development and Sports.[maxbutton id=”10″]

Now I am recognised as a mind focus consultant and trainer. Some of my clients are now using my 90 Minute Focus Method to develop crisp focus for period s of 90 minutes. Some are taking  private training sessions and making stready progress. I am also developing an e-course so that a wider range of people will be able to access this fantastic method. I am very excited to be able to present it and train ordinary peoole to have extraordinary focus.
What would you do if you had crisp, clear focus for 90 minutes at a time?

Just picture what you could accomplish.

Would you write the book?

Finish off the course you started?

Complete your studies?

Ace your exams?

I  receive many requests from overseas for assistance and some people in Ireland are not free to attend my courses and clinics so I have been persuaded to share my expertise with a wider audience.

My Goal
My ultimate goal has always been to optimise the unique potential of each person by helping them to focus their attention on  the task in hand, calming their body, stilling their mind and ensuring they have the resources to maintain their focus.

In courses, classes, seminars, workshops and clinics I have sought to draw out the potential that was there but blocked from blossoming by fear, stress or poorly development movement patterns.

It has been my joy to facilitate these people to remove their blockages and achieve goals that they thought were well beyond their capacity.

New ways to facilitate you
Now I am willing to facilitate through videos and eBooks, which I am currently creating, to optimise your unique potential. Many of the techniques that I use are so fast and so simple that they seem like magic but have a real, long lasting benefit.

I continue to provide clinics for the optimisation and wellness of my clients and welcome new clients in my clinics based in Boyle, Cork, Derry, Donegal, Dublin, Galway and Limerick. To arrange your appointment visit my online booking page  on 0861723510 +35386172310. Where clients can not attend in person Skype sessions can be arranged.

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