I was at a meeting lately and the most common question that I was asked was “Hey Padraig, What do you do?”

When I said that I specialise in helping people of all ages to focus, one smart Alec (I think it was him) put the word Focus (my work) and King (my surname) together and called me the “FocusKing”. His audience laughed and the word spread about.

I was thrilled. You could not buy that kind of publicity. Now everybody knew what I did and that I was the “go to person” when you wanted better results in business, sports, education and needed to boost your concentration and focus your attention.

I realised that while many of the people knew who I was, (it is easy to spot me as I’m 6 foot 3″), they did not have a clear idea of what I work at. I decided to write it down and put it here so that you can read about the area that I specialise in. It is not a secret, so feel free to tell others.

I help people to focus their attention.

I help children, teens and adults to move from being easily distracted, distressed and anxious to being calm, relaxed and able to focus for lengthy periods of time….

  • This means that school children sit down in class and are focused enough to learn
  • Exam students are focused on doing their best and able to concentrate easily and so they get better results.
  • Homework gets done in a jiffy as the student is focused, clear headed and able to work at their full capacity.
  • School reports are glowing rather than “could do better “, disruptive” or highly distracted”
  • Teachers are now writing “working well with others” and “very well behaved and cooperative with teacher” .
  • One child proudly showed my his report which said he was a “changed young man, able to concentrate, learn and had become a great example to others”.

Adults are able to complete tasks, save time, money and precious energy as they concentrate on what is important and are no longer distracted when they need to be attentive at work, at home and out socially.

Improved Focus is transforming their lives.

      By the way, how is your concentration?

As I’d work with you I’d help you to transform  your concentration, thinking, attitudes, and remove the blockages to focused attention enabling you to switch on powerful focus when ever you need it.

As someone who has been there and back with hundreds of my clients, I am in an excellent position to help you eliminate the distractions and change your focus from past failures to future successes and the genuine freedom and lasting happiness that comes from knowing that you will complete what you start and achieve your goals.

I bring out the best in every person that I work with and I look forward to finding the fastest and easiest way for you to reach your full potential. Once you learn how to eliminate all distractions and settle in to concentrate you can apply this to education, sorts, business or developing your game, what ever it may be.

As you get things done more rapidly you free up extra time each day to do the fun things….

  • Children like go out side and play and those who can focus get extra time playing every day. No longer dragging out their chores and homework they are out there enjoying their youth and freedom.
  • Exam students are enjoying setting aside specific blocks of time each day for concentration on topics and are confident that as they can concentrate and focus their full attention they are learning easily, more comprehensively and getting the results to prove it.
  • Adults are completing their work withing work hours so they are fee to meet friends, family or enjoy their free time anyway they wish.

  • – They can write that book,
  • finish the garden,
  • shelve the garage, convert the attic
  • tidy out the hot-press,
  • meet friends for coffee,
  • go out to dinner or go to a show,

    or whatever they choose as they will have oodles of free time..

  • No more briefcases, laptops and work strewn around at home, they get their work completed on time, at work, stay on task and get recognition and rewards with minimal effort.
  • Now they work smart, no longer needing to work hard. They are seen as efficient, effective and supported and rewarded for results.

I empower you to make the changes to focus your attention and achieve your full potential.

Once you know how to focus you mind on what;s important to you will attract the people and opportunities into your life to make the changes that you choose, need, want and desire foe yourself and your family.

Experience living with concentration and focus.

Enjoy all the benefits being focused brings. Start living your life rather than just thinking about is and then getting distracted, forgetting and not achieving.

There is much better version of your life that you can start living today.

Check out living with focus.

Ready to accelerate into your future with focus, concentration and freedom then book a free call with me.

Together we can create the focus that you want for yourself.

Leave behind the lost opportunities, failures and times when you got mad at yourself for not sticking to your plans.

Focus now on the feeling, the power and the wonderful energy of being able to concentrate, focus and become the real you.

Every week I begin working individually  with a small selection of people, young and old, who’s focus and concentration abilities will be transformed over a series of 6 sessions with me.  If this sounds like something that you want for yourself or know someone wjho might like to get more focused, develop their concentration and get better results then remember to click here for a free call with me
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