Sleepless nights, dark circles, baggy eyes and reheated meals. All students would be well acquainted with these things.

No matter how carefree the whole year is, we all know that the few days before exam are the worst time for any student. Long nights and cold meals are a few of the things to look forward to. And with the added pressure, failing to concentrate is the most common problem that students come across.

Well, who can blame them! You may be all too familiar with the habit of drifting off while studying. One minute you’re working on derivatives and the very next moment you find yourself walking in the Shire, or fighting to guard the Ice Wall. Although there’s no harm in daydreaming but when you’ve got a bigger fish to fry, the walkers must wait.

Here’s a number of ways you can maintain your concentration while studying. They won’t completely put you off day dreaming but it’s a good way to start.

Prepare Your Cave

Decide on the best place you want to study in. Remember that it is a ‘no-go area’ for anyone else. Get a comfortable chair (not too comfy though), a proper desk and it must have adequate lighting. Your cave is a ‘No Phone Zone’ so be prepared. That Facebook notification can wait.

If you like music while studying, go for it. Although there’s no proof whether music increases productivity or not, it’s better to play tunes with no lyrics. Settle for the classics. Go Beethoven! Some reckon his music helped then concentrate more deeply.

When I was studying I would put music without words and that stayed pretty much the same all the time so that it did not interrupt me. I knew my concentration had lapsed when I became aware of the music and redoubled my concentration!

Set Attainable Objectives

You need to complete that topic today. Just break it up into realistic objectives. If you think you won’t be able to do it, plan accordingly. Setting unrealistic goals will just demotivate you. You are your own best critic and also the worst. Use this in your favour and establish realistic milestones.

Treat Yourself

The brilliance of this method is that once you plan how to accomplish the goals you’ll also plan some incentives for each accomplishment. And those treats will be your motivators.

You’ve gone and done all that you planned to do and that deserves a reward. Tell yourself you can watch that new episode of GOT only when you complete a specific task. With that end result in mind, you’ll definitely be working hard. OR to stay on task, give yourself a smile and congratulations when you achieve each milestone. This positive reinforcement helps to reward your efforts and keep you going for the next milestone.

Spice it up

If you keep studying the same thing for long hours, you are bound to get fed up. Spice up your studying schedule. Once you feel like you’ve had too much of a topic, skip over to the next one. Just remember, if this gets too monotonous, give your brain some change. This might not work sometimes if you’re studying a specific topic but do the best with what you have. Or move to the next step.

Time Out

Yes! Breaks will help you concentrate more. If you keep stuffing information into your brain, it is bound to get all jumbled up. Set scheduled breaks for yourself so that you don’t get worn out. A change of scenario or study position would be helpful.  Go for a walk or a run and when you get back all that you studied in the last session will be connected up to what you already knew and make new learning not just possible but more enjoyable as you are moving ever closer to competing the jigsaw of information in your mind.

Help is at hand

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