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for Padraig King’s Clients
These diagrams and guidance notes are given to clients after a clinic session during
which lymphatic stimulation points were stimulated by and under the guidance of
Padraig King.
• This information is to help clients remember where the lymphatic stimulation
points may be located on the body.
• No liability is accepted for the misuse of the information.
• If you have concerns about your lymphatic system, fluid retention or notice
lumps consult your doctor immediately.
• Pádraig King’s work is complimentary to the work of your doctor. It is not
intended as a replacement for your doctor’s advice and care.
Reminder of the Method:
When you are stimulating your lymphatic system you are recommended to drink a
minimum of one pint for every three stone weight for a number of days during and after
stimulation. This water is to flush out the waste that will be released from your muscles
and tissues. The toxins are mainly eliminated through your kidneys.
Lymphatic stimulation can be done on specific points on your own body. Rub gently but
firmly on the areas marked in black in the pictures to help the flow of lymph from your
limbs towards your heart from your feet to you neck, from your fingers to your
breastbone and from the top of your head towards your breast bone. .
Tender or Sore
If a point is tender hold it for 10 seconds and then move on. If you have any concerns
about an area that seems too sore then call / text Pádraig or contact your doctor.
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