How to Combat a Lack of Focus for Business Prosperity

When people start throwing around words like cognitive overload and digital distractions and the like, you know you’re in trouble; especially if you’re a business owner.

Trying to accomplish too many things at the same time is overkill, and you should be well aware of that. The lack of concentration and inability to focus your mind on you business objective will eventually be the reason why your project that you so lovingly started from the ground up will take a nosedive, unable to recover.

If you’re an entrepreneur, big or small, you want a productive workplace, regardless of how large your practice might be or whether you have four employees or 400 of them. Emails, messages, meetings, along with texts, Facebook and Twitter messages, Snapchats and all the rest of the social media have your brain captivated and distracted for hours at a time. Add to that the everyday mundane activities and needs, and you honestly have no time to accomplish anything actively.

This hurts not only your enterprise but all the stresses of getting everything done aren’t doing your health any favors either. So how can you combat your lack of focus, productivity, and concentration for professional and personal prosperity?

There are a number of ways to do that. Some of them are effective, while others, not so much. Here are a few that are actually worth your while.

Plan Your Day

While we’re aware that most entrepreneurs already have grueling schedules, with all sorts of planners in place, there are numerous different ways to plan your day and plan it efficiently. Instead of stuffing things to do to the point where every second of every minute of your time is spoken for, plan tasks for bigger time frames. Take an hour for running errands, another for correspondence, yet another for addressing employee concerns, etc. Compartmentalize your work. And when you treat a particular compartment, don’t allow any distractions until you have gone through everything that’s on the agenda. Most importantly, though, schedule in a definitive break time for yourself. Take a quick power nap, grab a bite to eat, just generally forget work, sit back and relax.

Decrease Tech Time

Now this one, we wholeheartedly support. Even if you feel like a part of you is missing if you ever leave your phone, tablet, phablet, computer, iPod or whatever piece of digital equipment is your fancy behind, just do it. When you’re working, decrease the time spent with technology. Chances are you’re wasting more time surfing Facebook than actually focusing on the work cut out for you.

Study Focus Techniques

While studying focus techniques might seem like the least interesting option of all, because let’s face it when you have your business there’s no time to study anything! However, speaking from experience, finding and thoroughly studying and understanding a technique and then applying it in a work environment can do wonders for your concentrations levels. Amongst various others, the 90 Minute Focus Method is especially effective in helping you gather your energies and concentrating them on single objectives to accomplish so much more than you imagined in a fraction of the time.