The Golden Brain by Padraig King

The Golden Brain by  Padraig King

One of the most common requests we receive daily is “Can Padraig King improve my memory?


The straight and true answer is that Padraig can facilitate you to improve your own memory now and forever with simple techniques drawn from a wide range of therapies, courses he teaches and his extensive clinical experience!

Padraig works to make memorising easier through clearing the pathways in your mind of everything that blocks successful memory.

He shows you how to calm your thoughts, still your mind and move more easily into the actions that allow you to create strong memories for study, work or what ever you choose.


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You might find it very interesting! See for yourself how wonderful your memory could be once it has been activated  by Padraig King’s unique strategies and techniques.

Padraig is constantly learning and recently read this article about memory. Weekly Neuroscience Update

To book an appointment in person or on Skype call 0861723510 +353861723510