Is your child being bullied?
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A very common question asked by the distressed parents of children who have been experiencing Bullying when they contact Padraig King is ….
“Why is my child being bullied?”

Padraig King says ….
“My honest answer right now,

is that I don’t know for sure!

However, Let’s work together to find a solution.

Let me ask you a question….

Why do you think your child is being bullied?”

Then the parents start to think about what might be triggering bullying,
and they usually come up with a wide range of ideas.

Frequently the parents describe what is happening to their child,
but as they are distressed and anxious, many can’t see the underlying reason that their child is being picked on.

Some parents can see it, but without the proper experience, help and supports, they remain helpless to deal with this underlying cause, that may in fact be triggering the bullying of their child in the first place….

This underlying cause often turns out to be the child’s lack of understanding about how to blend in, or to relax and communicate confidently, in some social situations.

Padraig explains that when a bully spots a person who looks awkward in any situation,
maybe feels like an outsider,
possibly feels like a misfit,
or who doesn’t understand the unwritten and unspoken rules of social interaction,
then the bully is automatically triggered to pick on this person as their victim.
The reasons why this happen seem to have their roots in more primitive times,
where tribal practices helped to identify one’s place in the pecking order.
In that world only the strongest survived!

Your child may not be adapting and looking confident, in some social situations, as other kids of their age,
and so they stand out in subtle ways that are flags or identifiers for bullies.

“Why is this?” they ask Padraig.
He then explains that all children have a wide range of intelligences, and some of these develop at a faster rate than others.

When a child, teen or even an adult is being bullied, it may be because they may not have developed their ‘social intelligence’ as well as others of their age.
Because of this, they fail to act, speak or fit in appropriately and so they are easily picked out by bullies as being different.
Bullies are constantly scanning for signs of weaknesses or differences to exploit.

“This isn’t the parents fault “ Padraig reassures them, “but there is something positive that you can do, to help your child, right now”.
“What is it?” they ask.
“We would do anything, right now, to see our child relaxed and happy again”.

Then Padraig offers them an opportunity to have their child engage with him for 4 sessions (accompanied by their parents of course),
to switch off the child’s victim mindset,
to develop a deeper understanding of how they think and feel,
to make communication easier
and to stimulate accelerated development of their social intelligence.

Only then can your child begin to use their natural, inner personal power to create the Freedom, Confidence, Happiness and Trust to rapidly develop the tools they need to Succeed in any social situation.

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