Brain Gym® Practising day Saturday June 29th

Padraig King Consultant

Padraig King Consultant & Internation Brain Gym Instructor

We will Revise

  •  The 26 Brain Gym activities
  • Positive Attitude Balance
  • Seeing & Listening  Balances
  • Writing/Expression Balances
  • Whole Body coordination
  • Dennison Laterality Repatterning
  • 3 Dimension Repatterning
  • FAST Action Balance
  • Wonder Balance and Xpand Balance
  • Communication Balance
  • Organisation Balance
  • Concentration – Focus Balance [/box]




Forgotten it all? Join us anyway!

  • Welcome especially if you have forgotten most of it.
  • Questions will be answered.
  • Everything can be retaught.
  • Come along to the Learning Link, Boyle and enjoy the great FUN, games and being in the the company of others who use Brain Gym (sometimes!!)

Sat June 29th 9:30-4:30 lunch provided. €50 . Must Pre-Book here so we can have your lunch ready and print some pages for you. Pre booked directly with Deirdre. +353861723510


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Basic Brain Gym Course is now called the Brain Gym 101 course

and the next course takes place in Boyle from August 12-16th, 2013.

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