The 90 Minute Focus Method explained

“Imagine being able to complete a task in half the time and staying totally focused on it without distraction even in our busy environment. I thought I was dreaming but after learning the 90 Minute Focus Method this became my reality!” John P

Every year billions of dollars are wasted by business owners and their staff just because they have not learned how to focus their attention.

Learn how to save time and money …

Like most people you were taught subjects in school and some teachers may even have helped to you memorise the material but no one taught  you the one single skill that every school child should be learning and every business owner needs right now – total concentration for maximum profit.

Every second wasted in your business is money slipping through your fingers

Every second wasted in your business is money slipping through your fingers

Every second wasted in your business is profit slipping through your fingers.

Every moment you waste is lost for ever. No matter how you try you can not reclaim lost time in business. Have you noticed that the harder you try the worse it seems to get. Freud called this “paradoxical intention”.

Where is your profit disappearing?

Case study:

Margaret was a self employed designer who ran her own business. She arrived early and went home late each evening. She was always a day late and a few dollars short.

When I worked with her I began to look at her day and saw she was wasting more than an hour with frequuent checks on social media,, Facebook, etc and often delaying to follow a contributor back to their pages and dallying there “just out of curiosity”

Then I said “Let’s say Margaret that your hour would cost me $100 and you wasted just an hour a day last week. That would be  $100 x 5 = $500 a week x 50 weeks = $25,000 pa.  

She was surprised at the cost of the social media dallying and wasted time. She then revealed that she spent about half an hour on calls to her mother and sister every day during work time. we added this in. 

$150 x 5 = $750 a week x 50 weeks = $37,500 pa.  

With that waste eliminated she could actually afford a secretary and have enough left over to move to a more expensive area where she would get more business.

This was only the start of eliminating her waste. Then I taught Margaret the 90 Minute Focus Method and within a month she was in her new office with a secretary and powering through more than double the work she had previously managed in every hour.

Time is Money:
How much money are you letting slip away from you every day?

The 90 Minute Focus Method helps you to

  • clarify your personal and business goals,
  • clear your mind,
  • relax your body,
  • eliminate distractions both internal and external,
  • bring your focus into your focus zone,
  • resource your brain and body with the essentials for powerful focus and
  • activates your entire brain and body to deliver the kind of focus that will keep you on task and highly productive for up to 90 minutes at a time.


Total Focus anytime, anywhere

Total Focus Anytime, Anywhere

As a business owner you know how hard you work. In the 90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners you will learn how to set SMARTER goals that take the hard work out of your day and leave you the time and energy to do the things you love with a passion and spend quality time with family and friends.


With the 90 Minute Focus Method you will be able to eliminate all distractions, focus your attention and work anywhere without disturbance. You’ve seen some people who can work on the subway, bus or in the middle of a busy cafe without distraction for ages.


Ever want to have that total concentration?

You may have enjoyed a few really successful days when everything went well and you were able to stay on task.
Now you can have this kind of focus for your business everyday and enjoy going home knowing you have done your very best day’s work every evening.

With the 90 Minute Focus Method you will be amazed at how easily and quickly to adapt to working SMARTER than ever before and achieving more in any hour than in 2 or 3 hours at present.

We confident that you will love the 90 Minute Focus Method. It was developed at the coal face of business over 15 years and involved helping hundreds of business owners to optimise their ability to focus and increase profitability.

Learn how you can save save time and money …