Padraig King founded the 90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners just like you. His method is comprised of a set of simple activities used by business owners and guidelines that help you to get focused and stay on task for up 90 minutes at a time.

Do you feel like your business isn’t quite as productive as you’d like it to be?
Are you doing a whole lot more than usual, are stressed more than usual and yet aren’t accomplishing all the things you should?
If you are, then congratulations, your business has been poisoned and it’s dying a slow death.

While the demerits of wasting time are aplenty for employees, for employers and business owners like you, it’s an entirely different story. A worker, an assistant or a manager might find another job if the one at your firm doesn’t work out all too well, but it will be all the much more difficult for you bounce back if your business tanks- and we wouldn’t want that at all.

Here are the signs to recognize to save your business from the multitude of distraction, along with the accompanying treatment that you can seek to increase workability and productivity:

Overweighing Multi-task

Multi-tasking is like the disease of obesity, it’s an epidemic, it’s weighing you down and there’s no end in sight. The fact is, the human brain is simply not manufactured in a way that allows successful multi-tasking. A few short meaningless tasks mostly interlinked, sure you can handle them. However, you’re more likely to botch up than get them right at all if you try to multi-task things that require your time and attention.

For business owners, this is especially damaging because it not only results in you not accomplishing everything on your list, it can also directly translate to a significant loss of revenue.
The treatment: It’s simple: categorize your work by priority, set a timer and accomplish one task within the set constraints and only consider moving onto the next when you’re completely finished with the first.

Cell Phones and the Chronic Ailment Called Social Media

Cell Phones and social media websites have become the bane of a business’s success. There’s text-messaging, instant messaging, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram and the worst of them all, Facebook and a whole lot more that keep you trapped until you’ve run out of time and achieved nothing. Cell Phones drain your productivity like the social media apps drain its battery – and you want to avoid that as much as possible. The treatment: Remove social media applications from your phone completely. Too drastic for you? Inform your loved ones to avoid contacting you on your personal phone during the work day (be sure to give them the work contact details for emergency purposes), switch your phone onto flight mode, place it in the drawer and forget about it until it’s time to go home.

Never-Ending Email Attack

Emails! The devil of the workplace. How is a business owner expected to accomplish anything when they’re wielding off emails left, right and center? How?? That’s right, you don’t. The minute you feel as if you’re making some headway into whatever errand you’re running, or task you’re working on, the computer goes ‘ping’ notifying you of yet another urgent email. Here’s something you should know, nine of the ten times that happens in ten minutes, there is absolutely nothing urgent about the email.  The treatment for the email attack: Ignore them. Designate an hour of your day to sift through the emails and inform anyone that everything and anything that is emailed will only be handled during that time. Try it, you’re business with begin breathing a revived and revitalized breath.

Here is an out of office response that I use

Thank you for your message, I have received it and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


For business efficiency, I check emails at certain times each day, so you may not get an immediate personal response.  If your enquiry is urgent, please contact my office (by text ) on  +353861723510 


I really appreciate your patience and look forward to dealing with this matter before close of business today.



Padraig King


By dealing with emails at a set time each day you can focus on what is truly important and get more done than you would have dreamed was possible.

The  90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners can be delivered in person as a one day personal coaching session, to a group over two days and as an online video course where you can join in as Padraig leads seven business owners and coaches one by one through the activities. The online course includes interviews with each of the business owners and discusses how they use focus, were previously struggling with their workload and the changes that they have made.