Mindful Concentration Live Training Online : Thursday March 30th at 8pm
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If you haven't heard yet about my live training webinar on Thursday at 8 pm then here is a quick synopsis of what I will be presenting. 
I will answer some questions about focus, concentration and how your brain can be helped to focus more effectively.
Then I will show you how to eliminate many of the auditory and visual distractions that may have blocked you from achieving your true capacity to concentrate and focus .
Be amazed as I calm your body and help you regain the levels of security inside that permit you to relax enough to concentrate.
Experience being in a state of deep concentration so that you will have no disruptions at all and a mind that is completely silent and still.
This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience some of my simple techniques, strategies, approaches, visualisations and meditations and see how effective they can be for you.
You can be assured of a relaxing, empowering and emancipating experience as you will be set free from those irritating inner voices and nagging anxieties as well as the self-criticism and cynicism that may have gnawed away at your confidence.
Focus your energy and move to a new mindfully focused way of living that fulfills you and makes you happy!
Stay mindfully focused long enough to plan your next move and concentrate on developing the kind of future that reflects your values, your dreams, hopes and desires. 
Click here http://padraigking.com/livetraining to sign up limited spaces so book early and be ready to experience a unique event!
Thank you, 
Padraig King
Founder of the 90 Minute Focus Method,
SMARTER Concentration Made Easy,
Make Muscles Move More,
Dynamic Willpower,
Powerful Self Control

I'm often asked if I have a magic wand as the the activities I use are so simple and yet deliver such powerful results. The truth is I do very little but the magic is inside you. I simply calm you down, relax your brain she body enough to let the real you shine through. 
We all have the capacity to be super focused and able to concentrate for up to 90 minutes at a time but most of us are so distracted, frightened, shocked or distressed to stay focused for more than a minute or two. 
My secret is to relax you so deeply that your brain and your body begin to trust your environment and gradually switch off the anxiety and related hyper-vigilance that has created the distractions that stopped you from concentrating.
Once I have calmed down your body and it feels secure, we begin to switch off the automatic reflex that would  have been involved in helping you to react to major stresses had you lived in the wild during the stone age and were constantly under attack from wild animals or marauding gangs.
Once the activities that I will show you  have calmed down and switched  the primitive reflexes then it is possible to still your mind and to switch off the anxious chatter that continuously disrupts your train of thought. All the energy that was being wasted scanning for signs of dance can now be focused mindfully on where you are, what you are doing so that you do it more efficiently, effectively and meaningfully.
Once we have calmed down your physical body and stilled your mind you can begin to experience the real power of your mind to focus,  mindfully concentrate and stay focused for extended periods of time.
When you have experienced what your brain is capable of,  you will want to use the Mindful Focus every day to boost your efficiency and effectiveness beyond your wildest dreams.
With Mindful concentration you will have the time, the energy and the mindfulness in your life to do those things that you've been putting off for ages.
You will have the time to meet your friends and be present with those you care about ... 
You'll have the time to complete that project that you have kept putting on the long finger....
You'll get to write that book, write your article, paint, sail, climb and do those things that you know will you give you a wonderful sense of fulfillment. 
Wait no more. With Mindful Focus you will have the key to the future of your dreams as you will accomplish more in minutes than you can now in three or four times that period

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