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Over the past 20 years Padraig King has helped countless mothers to conceive, carry, deliver and settle their babies for a great night’s sleep. He has techniques to help mothers and babies to bond, connect, latch on and feed well. He has been correcting birthing distortions to babies and childrens’ heads, noses and mouths, releasing tongue ties. lip ties and activating swallowing and appropriate breathing. Caring for mothers he has been quickly, easily and most importantly in a painless way correcting pelvic misalignments and toning up their entire abdominal and lower back region.

Root Cause Treatments - Dissolve Your Pain and Stiffness:

By finding the root cause of your own or your child’s difficulties and dealing with these in a practical and relaxed way we eliminate the symptoms, pain, discomfort, distress and switch to a happier, healthier and more peaceful way of living.
Trained in 7 areas of stress release, wellness and facial release Padraig King has more than 20 years of experience in helping mothers like you to prepare for your next / first pregnancy, carry your baby to full term, prepare your body and mind for delivery, correct any physical misalignment in yourself or your baby resulting from difficulties that may arise during delivery and helping your baby and yourself bond, connect and enjoy feeding and every other aspect of your new life together.

Your Posture & Pelvis

Your entire body depends on having a natural balance mechanism working do that all your muscles and organs cooperate to make conceiving not just possible but enjoyable.
Where muscles are not balanced then you are most likely awRe of pain and discomfort. Often the problem lies undetected do repeated trips for dealing with the symptoms don’t clear your pains and they keep recurring. When pk works with you he focuses on finding the root causes and eliminating these in yourself or your baby.
When your pelvis is misaligned you will see that your body is out of bakance abd one hip will jut out to your side. Look at the photo below and notice the differences in light that you can see between the lady’s wrists and hips. This is a surefire indicator of pelvic misalignment and the symptoms of this might show up in headaches, or pain and restricted mobility in any or all of the points in the diagram. So, how relaxed and free moving are your neck, jaws, shoulders, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet ?
When we look at how this lady is standing we see that her pelvis is tilted forwards so much that her back has to hurt, her knees are not relaxed, her neck is compensating as are her feet and the angle of her her head indicates that she has lost the joy of the pregnancy and is facing a difficult labour. However, this may be corrected and using a combination of painless techniques refined through years of experience Padraig King may be able to help you,if your pelvis is tilted like this .

Staying Pregnant

Hiking on to your precious cargo – whether it is 6 days, weeks or months inside already requires certain conditions to be met by your body . Frequently when Padraig King is called upon to assist a lady may have miscarried or not been able to go full term and needed an emergency delivery.
Pádraig will relax you totally, switch off your stresses and anxieties , clear away your lingering shadows and allow you to focus all of your energy and resources into supporting your pregnancy.
Through gentle visualisations as well as relaxing activities and practical advice that matches your body’s inner needs Padraig King has helped many couples to have the kind of pregnancy that they longed for.

Non-medical but Effective

Padraig King’s approach and techniques are non medical but highly effect and an efficient way to get the results you desire safely, easily, comfortably and with full respect for you and your baby. Throughout your sessions with Padraig King you will be fully clothed , relaxing in a chair or lying as comfortably as possible on a massage table.
As Padraig King is highly intuitive and empathetic he picks up enough information from your body, posture, energy systems and from your baby so that no invasive investigations are needed and using his wholistic approach combined, with what you tell him, he will quickly establish the priorities of your body and baby so that you can leave feeling calm, relaxed, happy, healthy and feeling ready for the journey ahead.

Baby’s Body and Head

As you may be aware when suction or forceps are used to assist your child to be born there can be a degree of distress and distortion especially on your baby’s head. Padraig King quickly, safely s d easily restores your baby’s head to its natural shape and makes it easy for them to suck, latch on and bond by reshaping the roof of their moth, releasing their tongue and lip ties, moving their facial and nose bones to facilitate breathing and balancing out their forehead, cheekbones, the panels of their head and any other areas of their body that are out of shape.
e clinic nearest you .

Aftercare for Mum and her Little One

Aftercare for yourself:

If your body is not bouncing back to shape did you have residual pain and stiffness months or years later Padraig King can still help. Find out how he may help you.

Aftercare for your children:

No matter what age your child is from day old to 25yrs old or more, Padraig King will unearth the root cause of their challenges and assist them to lead a fuller, more relaxed and productive life in your family, home, in their school, out socially, as well as in sports and in work!

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