Supported Change to

Achieve Even More Success

with Dynamic Self Control and Iron Willpower”

ONE DAY EVENT March 9th.

Date: March 9th

Time 10:30-4:30 pm Lunch included.

Registration from 10:00am

Venue: Boyle

Facilitator: Padraig King

This special day will be focused on facilitating setting and achieving your main goal.

We will begin with a relaxation session.

Then you will do some of the activities that we used at the workshop. Added to these will be a number of other activities that will reduce your stress levels, energise your brain and your body empowering you to make positive progress towards your goal.

Then in a goal setting session we will tease out your goal to get at the true goal, “the diamond hidden in the coal” -your life goal.

For many people this “Life Goal” is obscured and hidden by the rush of life, the urgency to get things done and the needs and anxieties that just crop up every day. It is only when they look back on their lives that they realise they had a goal and did not see it. You will not be among those who live with regret any longer. You will be able to change your path and begin to move with sure and positive steps towards this goal.

Then we will ensure that your whole body, mind and spirit are supporting this goal.

All of this will be done in a safe easy fun way (like the workshop) and at the end of the day you will have far more energy than when you arrive.

Maximum Number of participants is limited, so book now and feel great!

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