Overcoming Fear Paralysis


Being petrified by fear doesn’t just limit your body and cause it to go rigid but limits your thinking and stops you from making even the simplest of decisions. The origins of this reflex date back long before our history began and yet this reflex is alive and evident today in many people. There are degrees of paralysis and range from indecisiveness to total catatonic absence.

It is thought that this reflex protected us when we lived in the wild and were faced with sudden danger. After a sharp intake of breath, the entire body freezes in position and the mind can only think about staying alive, if any thought at all is possible. It can be seen in seconds old babies as well as in business people and may pass in a millisecond or its limiting effects may last for extended periods of time affecting flexibly of the body and mind, restricting risk taking and keeping the entire emergency response systems fully switched on, so we over-react or become so overwhelmed that no thought or action is possible, all change is resisted and every initiative is frowned upon, facts and truths are denied as obstinacy and stubbornness become evident.

Lear about the Fear Paralysis Reflex, what it is, it’s effects on our behaviour and learn solutions. May be affect you if you are low in confidence, anxious, phobic and may be even responsible if you blank out in conversation, can’t think in exams or have had a sick day or two when you were under pressure.

Training Options

In 2 hours, you will learn what the Fear Paralysis Reflex is and how to recognise it.
In 4 hours, you will learn how counteract this primitive reflex with the right words that unlock the brain and body .
In 8 hours, you will master Fear Paralysis Reflex and learn a number of strategies to resolve and integrate this reflex.

Expected Outcome: You will learn self-regulation and strategies that will eliminate the effects of the Fear Paralysis Reflex.

If this sounds like something you would like for yourself and your business team then book straight away!

Methodology: Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Self-Evaluation, Discussion, Clarification, Practice, Application and Competence!

Resources: Training Notes, Workbook and Audio Visualisations.

Accessibility: This is a fully interactive training with hands on practical steps laid out sequentially and is fully accessible to all!