Since childhood I have been developing fast, easy, safe and reliable ways to master the mind, control impulses, increase concentration and boost memory.

Building on over 30 years of success I continue to help thousands of people, just like you, to

  • Boost their memory
  • Develop powerful concentration
  • Take control of their impulses
  • Clarify their thinking
  • Control their emotions
  • Manage their actions
  • Make successful learning easier
  • Confidently express themselves in all situations

From international sportspeople to school children my clients and students experience real verifiable changes to their performance that allow them to go on exceeding all expectations and delivering increased productivity and control, freedom and choice, positivity and success as they confidently build the positive effects of achieving their goals into their everyday lives.

Some years ago I formalised my accumulated knowledge and experience into a program known as the 90 Minute Focus Method. Since then I have created a range of other programs including-

  • SMARTER Concentration Made Easy
  • Double Your Concentration
  • Concentration Made Easy
  • Mindful Concentration
  • Dynamic Willpower
  • Powerful Self Control.

As my focus is on quality rather than quantity, only those activities that have stood the test of time and worked successfully for my students and clients are included in my programs and training.

I easnestly hope that my success will inspire and inform yours and that with my guidance you will achieve your full potential and make your dreams your future reality.