Map of the World

4th in the world – medals per capita.

Based on a scale of medals per head of population we were  beaten only by Iceland, Australia and New Zealand.

This is an amazing result and indicates the skill, determination, talent and dedication of our Paralympians and those who have worked with them over the years to bring them to the pinnacle of their sporting fitness where they achieved personal bests, beat previous world records and in some cases won medals.

While it is wonderful to receive a medal it is far more of a victory for each paralympian to master their body, mind and spirit to overcome the obstacles, challenges, the disbelief and negativity of those who previously could not see that those born with or those who acquired differences to their body and or mental abilities could succeed and compete at world class levels and be among the best!

Team Ireland won medals as well as the hearts and admiration of everyone and raised the spirit of a nation !

This has been a season of sporting success for Irish competitors. As happened when Ireland was playing in the world Cup in the Jack Charlton era, sport has lifted our spirits and helped us to beleive in ourselves again.

Our Olympians and Paralympians have shifted our focus from depression and despair to embrace hope and aspire to better days ahead!

Long may we continue to achieve our unique potential and produce peak performances on demand.

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