Yesterday, I saw clients in my Leixlip clinic.  Surprise, surprise! More than 60% presented with posture problems.
I facilitated them with my simple, painless and very effective corrections and went home feeling energised, pain free and with extra mobility.

Each person is now living, playing and working closer to their unique potential.

A question I am often asked is

How long does it take to get good posture, remove back, hip, ankle and neck pain and strain?

My answer is that in one session we can facilitate your body to return to its natural shape, flexibility and muscle tone. If you mind your new body it will learn to hold the new shape for an extended period of time.

If you abuse it and slip back to old habits of slouching, standing  and sitting incorrectly then you will need to renew your perfect posture with a further short clinic session.
Before my clients go home i show them and train them how to sit, stand and walk in a manner that supports their new posture.

How is your posture?