2018 Brain Gym Course – Buddy Deal 😊😊

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Book Two Places for Yourself and a friend, colleague or family member.


Switch ON Your Whole Brain and Body for better Learning, Movement, Business and Communication at the Brain Gym Course


I’m sure you have often thought I’d love to be able to” think straight”, have a “clear head”,  have a “better memory” or “better concentration”, “better organisation” and better able to easily  “communicate what I mean to others” Nothing I could say will convince you that attending the Brain Gym course will be worthwhile or make all of the your reality. In fact, nothing anyone will say go you will convince you at all…

 If you are one of the lucky people who get to attend this last Brain Gym course you will experience

✅a completely new level of Energy for focused Activity,
✅a clarity of Mind and Purpose,
✅more Positivity than you could shovel in a month and
✅an effortless Peace of Mind (that only a few have ever experienced the likes of previously and only after years of discipline and hard work to get their mind calm and still – We do it the first day of the Brain Gym course in a few minutes)


Anyway, the course is open to everyone who is a teenager or older. Teens must be accompanied by a fully participating adult and for this reason we have a buddy deal that sees a parent and student take the course for a special low price.

We also have extended the Brain Gym Buddy offer to any two adults. We value being able to support you during and after the course and having someone you trust and living close to you can make a great difference when you want a “quick top-up “ or to work through a challenge with someone who has learned the same Tools for Change, Growth and Success as yourself in the caring environment of the Brain Gym course. For Brain Gym buddies we offer a special discount also.

Of course the Brain Gym course was developed to guide educators and parents, business people and anyone else interested in switching on their entire Brain and Body to accomplish a task, learn something new or access their true abilities in education, sport, business or any other area of true lives.

If you are interested in booking one or more of the remaining places in Cork for the April course please contact me today or pay the deposit of €66 now!

So far booking has been brisk, and we expect to close bookings in a few days.
If you want a course that will switch you on, clear your mind, enhance your memory, focus your thinking, make coordinated and joined-up thinking your new norm and allow you to be at your best in study, self-expression, in reading, writing, speaking, and performing when it counts then link no further.
But don’t take my word for it! See for yourself.
We offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will experience changes, so I take all the risk and you simply enjoy and experience what the Brain Gym course has to offer.

Brain Gym and Greater Understanding

Brain Gym has given me a greater understanding of the Mind, Body and Spirit which had greatly enhanced my work as a psychotherapist. U.

Brain Gym works!

I trained as a Brain Gym Consultant several years ago. As a Montessori teacher I wanted to have practical tools at hand to help the preschoolers in my room who were encountering difficulty in coordination, processing information and other areas like regulating their behaviour. To begin with the impact of Brain Gym on my own life was phenomenal. Certain Brain Gym activities literally ironed out issues in my own life that I hadn't even realised were a challenge. It was like getting out of prison! In the greater scheme of things Brain Gym was a total eye opener for me. How parents manage/or not their child's physical movement in these early years of critical brain development is crucial for the child going forward. I now work with physically challenged adults post brain haemorrhage/stroke and again Brain Gym is my port of assistance. Brain Gym works!

With Brain Gym I developed a more positive attitude and freedom

Brain Gym gave me strategies and tools to feel strong and secure. With Brain Gym I developed a more positive attitude and the freedom to communicate my ideas. Through using Brain Gym I developed a deeper understanding of how and why people respond and react which made dealing with difficult situations easier and more productive. M.W.

Mark - Second Year uses Brain Gym

When I arrived in secondary School I found that learning was so much more difficult for me. Maths especially was so difficult that I wanted to cry, skip classes and just escape from the pressure. When I learned to use Brain Gym everything changed and now I'm the best in not just my class but the entire year at maths and I love learning. Brain Gym unlocked my hidden abilities and has made an incredible difference to me. If you are having problems give Brain Gym a go.

Leaving Cert Student 2017 who used Brain Gym

Brain Gym enabled me to switch on my whole brain for learning so that I could concentrate, learn, remember for exams and do even better than expected in all my subjects. Brain Gym made a real difference for me.

Final Year Medical Student using Brain Gym

Brain Gym has got me through a very tough course and all I can say is that Brain Gym works. Every day I use Brain Gym to help me be in a Positive Head Space, Clear Thinking, Energised and Motivated to Keep Going and be at my very best.

Brain Gym helped me think clearer.

Brain Gym helped me think clearer. It helped me stay calm and positive to get more “stuff” done. It has helped me believe I could do more in my life. It helped make me a stronger mother. It has freeed my communication abilities and enabled me to become a writer. It made me better at making decisions both big  and small about my life and relating to my children’s education etc. Brain Gym helped my to study and I have used it everyday since with my kids to make learning easier for them too! Because of Brain Gym  I began to believe in myself 🙂  

Brain Gym and my Son

The Brain Gym Course was very informative and I learned many specific techniques to help clients with various aspects of learning and improving in all aspects of education, sport and in their lives generally. I continue to use the Brain Gym techniques with my son who has a learning difficulty and we both feel more confident and capable. As Christopher would say... it gets him in the right head space and anything is possible! Good luck to you and all who do Brain Gym 😀 Barbara


Brain Gym gave me daily tools to use to bring me into a state of balance or grounding ; it allows me to regain and improve my focus and motivation to achieve the daily goals I set. Brain Gym is easy to use and the activities are easily accessible. Once you learn the tools and practice them daily you never forget them Believe me - BRAIN GYM WORKS - simple as that!

Brain Gym helped us Excel at Whatever we Set our Mind To

 Brain Gym gives us simple methods of engaging our whole brain in everyday life situations from the classroom to the workplace and the home so that we can excel at whatever we set our mind to!

Brain Gym opened up my whole world

The Brain Bym course created a deeper awareness, love and appreciation for my body. It opened up my whole world. Following the course I went on to complete my diploma in kinesiology. Amanda

Brain Gym and my Family

“I was on a meditation week near Broadford Co. Clare when I came across literature advertising Brain Gym in 2001. I quickly signed up for it. I have two children who have autism and one with dyslexia all now adults. From my children I learned I had dyslexia but was afraid to get tested. Looking back Brain Gym has had a profound effect on our family and personal life. The people I had as case studies all became successfully. My daughter who is Special needs with Autism won a gold Medal in Special Olympics Summer Games 2015 and gave an excellent interview transmitted worldwide. She is also completing her honours degree at LIT in Sport Strengthening and Conditioning. She learned to concentrate through movement in Sport and Brain Gym. Our son with Autism was hyper and we used Brain Gym exercises to calm him down. I could give endless other examples. It took me a long time to be fully convinced about the value of Brain Gym as I lived in my head and read too many not so scientific journals that disparaged it. It was only when I went through my own dark night did I fully see I need to be fully connected with mind and body and now I appreciate the profound and positive effect Brain Gym had in my life. I feel great appreciation for the positive help I have received during my life from many people and among these I must rank among the highest as Padraig King for introducing me to Brain Gym. William Ryan

My Son and Brain Gym

Before we started to use Brain Gym every night there was a big row in the house about home work and every morning was a battle ground as he did not want to go to school. As he was only 6 we felt he needed help and Padraig King introduced us to Brain Gym.  He did a few sessions with Shane and my husband and I attended the Brain Gym course. Do you know the Brain Gym course was the saving of us and our marriage apart from what we learned to help Shane. Wasn't my husband dyslexic and we had never known it. It explained so much, especially the stuff that used to annoy the hell out of me and why I always had to be the secretary, formfiller and the only bedtime story reader. Anyway, on the course we learned how to switch on the whole brain for learning, reading, writing and all the stuff Shane needed and my husband Jack is far more comfortable reading bedtime stories to Shane and filling out forms and filing his taxes. Brain Gym saved our marriage, our sanity and now Shane is learning happily and all those rows have become a thing of the past. When someone mentions Brain Gym I tell them go and do the course and see what it will do for you. It is a course that you have to experience as no amount of words will describe it well enough. Go and do the Brain Gym Course if you are lucky enough to get a place.

Exam Joy with Brain Gym

Peter is a very sensible kid and when he started acting up in school in his exam year we became very concerned. His year head and principal were losing patience with him and when they called us to say he was on the verge of expulsion we knew that we needed to get help fast. For ages we had been hearing positive reports from other parents about how Brain Gym was making a positive difference for their child and so we contacted then and got Padraig King's phone number (0861723510) and we arranged an appointment. Joe didn't want to go with me as he was skeptical and wanted our son to see a psychologist or something. anyway he came along and we all sat down with Padraig who seemed to understand what Peter was going through exactly. It wasn't that he didn't understand what he was learning but he just couldn't connect the new information to what he already knew and he couldn't gather all the relevant information together to write answers to questions and as a result he was frustrated, losing faith in himself and gradually slipping more and more behind. In that very first session Brain Gym activities made a massive difference to Peter's state of mind. He calmed down and so did we. We began to see that it wasn't his fault and Padraig explained that with the right support from us Peter would do very well in his exams. All three of us signed up for the Brain gym course and we never looked back. Joe's confidence grew so much and his communications skills were expanded enough to talk him into a promotion within a month. My own business has flourished since i started using "Brain Gym for Business" everyday. Best of all Peter got 70 points more that expected in the Leaving certificate exams and has sailed through the first two years of engineering.


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Venues and Dates Available

Dublin May 12-13 & 26-27 (2 Weekends), Galway June 26-29 (5 days), Boyle July 16-20 (5 days), Cork Aug 7-10 (4 days + 1), Dublin Aug 20-24 ( 5 days), Mullingar Sept 8-9 & 15-16 (Weekends)