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Padraig King uses his wide range of training and techniques to tailor make a program that will release your stresses, pain and blockages so that you can overcome the obstacles that block you for achieving your true potential in day to day living, education, sports, business and when performing or communicating with others.

With Cranio-sacral techniques that he has refined and developed in his clinics over many years he realigns your teeth to their perfect position, realigns your jaw bones to fit correctly, your cheek bones to be balance and equal in size and support for your eye sockets, release tongue ties, overcomes suck problems in babies and by enabling the baby to feed correctly,

He helps babies, children, teens and adults to relax, sleep and wake refreshed.

He works with a wide variety of techniques at a physical level on your fascia, your muscles, ligaments and bones to bring back flexibility, strength and power to limbs affected by trauma, stroke and injuries.

Over many years now Padraig King has been helping children, teens and adults to straighten their teeth, release tongue ties and move and align their gums, palates, jawbones, cheekbones, hips, pelvic bones, spine, feet, knees, elbows, shoulders as well as helping them to correct posture, gait and balance issues.

He uses Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology to empower children, teens and adults to read more fluently, write more legibly and quickly and to spell, compute and learn in a way that suits them, that allows them to remember and recall the relevant information as they need it in exams, interviews and for conversations.

In his personal empowerment approach he builds confidence, peace of mind, mindful concentration, and helps his clients to master their focus and memory to apply their full attention to achieving the results that they desire.

Padraig has published many eBooks, online courses, videos and audios. He is recognised as an international trainer and consultant in Educational Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology and trains people in the international programs known as Brain Gym, Optimal Brain Organisation, Touch for Health and has recently published his own suite of training courses and workshops.

Courses and Workshops that he has published include

  • Mindful Concentration
  • SMARTER Concentration Made Easy
  • Concentration Bootcamp
  • Master Your Memory
  • Grow your Terrific Memory Today
  • Making Muscles Move More Meaningfully
  • Powerful Self-Control
  • Willpower Made Easy

To contact Padraig or to inquire if he can help you, your child, relation or friend then simply click here


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