Download Pack – Switching Off Anxiety and Stress

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Downloads in this pack (valued at over €200)

1. The entire video of Padraig King’s live presentation in Carrick on Shannon “Switching Off Your Anxiety”
2. eBook – 4 ways to manage anxiety
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3. €50 OFF you next session with Padraig King online or for clinics
4. €100 OFF the upcoming Anxiety Elimination and Empowerment workshop


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Why do this Workshop?

This is an exclusive weekend of Mindset Transformation, Deep Relaxation, Total Peace and Dedication to creating the new mindset that will guarantee that you live a more meaningful and successful life.

Why Book Now?

Places are limited, so take an action now that ensures your life will be different with more success, freedom, time and energy than you could possibly imaging right now.

Book your place this minute as there can only be handful of people at each workshop so that you get the time, the space and the attention from Padraig King to guarantee you will experience the transformation of lifetime and start living  your life of success, your way and on your terms.


One lady has described it as

a weekend of continuous healing and transformation with Padraig King that enabled me to create my own success mindset.”

Another attendee said 

” I got so much from this workshop…a new mindset, a clear vision of the future that I want and the power, the focus, the energy and the freedom to make it happen for myself”

Just Do It

Let’s Make your Mind Work for You and With you Successfully

From experience we know that you will make more change possible for yourself by attending this live training workshop and avail of the opportunity to learn in a group setting and be inspired by the progress and changes that others share and you observe in yourself. 

Padraig King is offering this training using powerful transformative visualisations, some gentle physical actions and a safe space in which to grow, evolve and become the person you were born to become. 

You will experince

You will experience

  • Experience the success that your heart desires
  • Transform your thinking
  • Eliminate your blockages
  • Switch on your own inner power to create the future that you have dreamt of but bot yet created.
  • Release your full potential and embrace a life of freedom, choice, abundance of time, energy and the leisure to spend it with family, friends and those you care for.
  • Enjoy all of this and so much more in the company of like minded people while under the guidance and watchful eye of Padraig King!


With a 100% guarantee you have nothing to lose.
Padraig takes all the risk
so book now and don’t let this opportunity 
for success and happiness be missed.

You are welcome to attend if you

Want to really change your life and experience greater levels of personal development, self regulation, growth and success

Know that you need to make a change but want clarity and confidence to take the next step

Feel stuck at a certain point in your personal development or evolution and can’t see your way forward

Place a high priority on creating the best you possible

Want to overcome current challenges and past stresses

Want to achieve peace, calm and to have meaning in your life

Want to break the cycle of poverty and fear that has been handed down to us through the generations

Want to break through those glass walls and ceilings that have hemmed you in, kept you back and stunted your personal growth and success in all areas of your life, work, relationships and, sports and creative activities.

What you get....

  1. A weekend of Deep Relaxation, Total Peace and dedicated to creating your brand new mindset that delivers the success that you really want for yourself while enjoying the support of like minded people and under the guidance and watchful eye of Rewire Your Brain for Success program author, Padraig King

  2. Training is simple and comprises of  Visualisations, Explanations, Discussions, Processing Time so that you can think and plan the quality of life that you really want to live and the success and rewards you truly desire and are guaranteeing to achieve!

  3. All activities are fully accessible and can all be done while seated (if desired) or lying on your mat.

  4. Get insights and deeper understanding of how your mindset operates, how it may have limited your results up to now, and how to rewrite and upgrade your entire operating system, how to take greater control over what you think, feel, say and do to promote your success and get the results your heart desires and that you genuinely deserve.

  5. Build your lasting confidence that grows from experiencing your own inner strength and your hidden powers to create your own success

  6. Experience powerful visualisations that unlock your hidden potential, help you transform your mindset and create a detailed vision of the future you will live out successfully. You can use this time after time, to switch on greater levels of success in all areas of your life, work, relationships, sports and creative pursuits.

  7. Some video and audio recordings will be made of instructional sessions and transformational visualisations used in this workshop and these will be available to purchase and download from this website after the event.

You will learn....

You will learn to

  • Overcome all your resistance to success

  • Leave behind all past failures and losses

  • Switch your thinking from anxiety and fear to positivity, peace and prosperity

  • Let go of old hurts, frustrations and angers that may have drained the vital and dynamic life force out of you

  • Learn the easiest way to eliminate external blockages and limitations as well as overcoming your own mental blocks to freedom and success

  • Discover a more positive and meaningful approach to living your one precious life successfully

  • Erase your poverty mindset and write your own unique personal success mindset

  • Set smarter goals that you begin to successfully achieve in minutes

  • Build your confidence naturally through repeatedly succeeding to get the results that you deserve and the rewards that fire up your inner passion, strength and enthusiasm

  • Understand the significance of having a positive attitude to creating and maintaining your success

  • Protect yourself from negativity and the draining impact of “hangers-on”, energy vampires and those who feel it is their duty  and God given purpose to knock you and attempt to block your path to freedom, happiness and success

  • Update your brain and internal operating systems! Your success depends on developing a brand new, and unique to you, success mindset that is built on real neurological connections in your brain and body that you will choose to create. This new success mindset then becomes your default operating system.  Instead of the survival and poverty based mindset which we all inherited from our parents and which was cultivated and refined by those who are stuck in struggling to survive. They struggle to such an extent that they sacrifice their dreams to “stay safe and secure” while repeating the same “safe” routines with their actions, thoughts words and thoughts that will in time destroy their chances of happiness and leave them riddled with anxiety and stress.

  • Apply what you learn in the Rewire Your Brain for Success program to any situation safely, easily, effectively and successfully get the results you desire and deserve

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