Become the Person You Want To Be

Become the Person You Want To Be:

How to Reach Your Personal Goal and Successfully Move from Stuck, Strain and Pain to Freedom


Are you ready to change? Ready to do what it takes to shift from being stuck to experiencing the freedom that you desire, need and want?



You may be familiar with this scenario: you manage to get up the courage, energy and enthusiasm to make a start on making changes to your life. In the back of your mind are you asking the question even as you are taking the first steps- “Is this just another FALSE START? 

You may be familiar with the drill- Initially you are full of enthusiasm, energy and excitement that you are about to make a real change, a real difference. However, as soon as you need to sustain your effort and stay focused on keeping up the momentum to move beyond backsliding your resolve and best intentions fizzle out and then the self-recrimination and self-doubt creeps in as you once again begin to replace the excitement of moving forwards with criticising yourself for not remaining steadfast and true to your plans.

Real change and doing something new requires steady change that builds upon the successes of yesterday, so that like a climber moving from base-camp to summit you need to climb higher each day until you have scaled your own Everest and triumphed.


If you have set out to conquer your personal Everest then you will appreciate having a willing, informed and Sherpa available to support and encourage you to keep going, do the heavy lifting for you, put you on the right track, guide your steps and helping you to move past the milestones and celebrate your mini successes. With such a Sherpa you are more likely to reach the summit than by going it alone. Did you know that even solo climbers have a support team that enable the to reach the top of Everest.

So whether you want to make small, medium or enormous changes in your life it is a good idea to have a plan and set out your personal milestones, to have a support team to lean on and an experience guide who can help you reach your goals, make your changes and achieve your personal peak.  May i invite you to book a strategy session with me to discuss how you can make the changes you want and the best approach to take to suit your abilities and needs.Simply pick a time below for your free strategy session and let’s get you ready,, steady and on the GO!