Reasons Why Lack of Focus May Be Harming Your Business

Do you find yourself distracted with tens of different things when you’re working? Are you constantly juggling emails, calls, meetings and rarely getting anything productive accomplished? If yes, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one; especially if you’re a small business owner.

Sometimes, it’s not even that you have a lot to do; it could be that you’re so full of energy and creative ideas that you find it hard to center your attention onto one thing when you’re mind is building avenues in so many different directions.  You’re passionate and brimming with inspiration, and you feel like you want to accomplish everything all at once. You develop and foster one thought and from that thought emerges another, more powerful than the previous one and before you know it your creative energies are rolling down a hill with nothing ever reaching the finish line.

The fact is it’s very easy for anyone to lose sight of their goals and objectives while dealing with the mundane of everyday life but it seems like it’s particularly common with entrepreneurs. When you have so many business hats to adorn day in and day out, it’s no surprise that sticking to one objective and achieving it becomes a major struggle.

This inability to complete what you started is nothing but a lack of focus, and it may be doing more harm to you and your business than you even realize.

For entrepreneurs and young businessmen, the day starts with a full agenda already. You have stuff you need to take care of, things to do that make you wish you could tack on a couple of extra hours at the end of each day just so that you’re able to squeeze everything in. And while the day begins with an already set list of tasks, it ends with rarely anything done all the way through because new ideas, new products, new features push in and take over.

This unfocused mindset is the root of all evil. This is what eventually causes your business to deteriorate, and that too, rapidly. Why? Because when you’re not focusing, you’re hardly ever completing the things that need to be done. You aren’t following through with your responsibilities and losing sight of your business goals. You may forget business orders, or you may miss steps in your customer service. This directly equals to loss of consumer base and loyalty which leads to a loss in sales and decreased revenue generation.

When your business suffers, you’ll suffer. Financial losses can lead to discouragement and insecurity, anxiety and even depression where you continually fight failure.


If you find that you can relate to any and all of the things mentioned above, maybe it’s time you give the 90 Minute Focus Method a try. A training program designed primarily to cater to business owners and entrepreneurs, this course teaches tried and tested techniques to focus your wayward energies into your work and business, 90 minutes at a time.