Feel free to listen to these live recordings and download the one you find relevant. Some of these will be reworked to form an audio book. Please tell us which ones you think should be included in the audio book.

Accessing your unique potential and succeeding beyond your dreams

Establishing a controlled Breathing Pattern: (Breathe in slowly over 4 seconds, hold for 4, out for 4 hold out for 4 seconds)

Getting the Devine grace to live each day fully

Abundance Visualisation that leads you through 12 Rooms filled with Abundance

Padraig King explains to a mother what is going on when her child is in fight or flight mode while treating the child

LIVE Padraig King magically gets a reluctant child to sip water and like it in under 3 minutes

Padraig King Relax from your toes to your Brain

Counting to 200 can be a powerful way to Relax for the Logic Based person

Padraig King leads a visualisation exploring The Flower Garden inside your chest

(sub-title: Getting to control your thoughts and reduce your worrying and anxiety)

Inhale Blessings into your whole brain and body

Padraig-King- a visualisation on how to access your inner Peace

Breathe in calm clean air

Raw Copy of Padraig King leading you to find your own inner signature tune

Padraig King leads a visualisation on Attracting Love

Preparing to enter the Valley of Abundance

Relax in 5 minutes with Padraig King with musical background

Raw version of Relax in 5 minutes with Padraig King