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Recovering a Positive state of mind after bullying and intimidation.

Recently I have seem a considerable number of  clients who had been intimidated, bullied in a variety of situations from school to work and at home.  

No matter where it happens, what form it takes and at what age it occurs intimidation and bullying are a real concern. Bullying within a relationship, in the workplace, in social settings and in school is unnecessary and deeply hurtful.

As a direct result of being bullied, abused and intimidated my clients were harbouring deep pain, experiencing lowered self esteem and self confidence. They harboured a wide range of negative emotions from hate to hurt, from resentment to vengeance.  These were not their natural dispositions and were reactions to being denigrated, abused and made to feel less valuable and unique than they are as individuals.

During my session with each person I invited them to separate them selves from the way they were made to  feel. They began to see again the unique person that each of us is inside and that the intimidation and bullying that they had experienced was like a meal that upset their stomach and made them feel unwell. The meal was not their self. the sickness the meal brought about was not their true self. The emotions and negative feelings they experienced were not their natural, normal feeling but brought on by the meal that had upset them.

Once they had begun to separate their true selves from the way they were feeling we extended this to looking at their intimidaters and bullies. They each came to the conclusion that there was a good person inside each intimidator or bully and that this “inside person” was separate from their actions, words and behaviour.

Once the separation between the person and their behaviour was evident to my clients they were able to change their perspective and soon found themselves asking for the strength to forgive the bullies for their weakness and intimidating behaviour. Soon each client began to relax and release the physical tension they had been holding locked in their muscles. Very soon after their flexibility of thinking, movement and approch became evident in the way they moved, communicated and set goals for their future.

I am not a counsellor or psychologist but will facilitate my clients to make any changes they need through using physical movement as a vehicle of transformation. Using simple physical activities e.g. holding their palm and fingers across their forehead, rubbing points on the  stomach which I demonstrate or by placing their hands over the centre of their chest….  my clients find it easy to move from being stuck in their state of stress and anxiety to moving forward into a state of calm, peacefulness and relaxation.

When they are calm, relaxed and happy then we can use my 5 step approach to facilitate them to achieve their goals and optimise their unique potential just like the many who have downloaded by eBook and watched the videos to take the 5 steps to optimise their unique potential.

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