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Once you became stressed, and even before you experienced feeling distracted, your eyes began scanning the environment for signs of danger, possible conflicts and any potential attacks. This unconscious scanning has drawn essential resources away for the parts of your brain that facilitate concentration and focus. Now you can fix this with a simple 3 minute activity and has been reported to help to clear away many of the visual distractions that have been unconsciously affecting your concentration.

To help you feel calmer, more peaceful and more focused, I suggest you make a C-shape with your thumb and two fingers. Make it approximately the same width as your mouth and place it just underneath your collar bones on both sides of your sternum. The other hand goes to rub on both sides of your naval/ belly-button with a C-shape at the same time.

Eye Level: So when you are ready, continue to rub on your chest and stomach points while slowly moving your eyes from side to side at eye level. When you have done this about 3 times, you will have done enough.

As you are doing this activity you are consciously scanning your environment and you are now aware of everything that you have seen. As you have not seen any real dangers and there are no major threats apparent, your body begins to calm down and return some resources to the area of the brain that concentrates.

Eyebrow Level: Now, move the eyes up towards your eyebrows.  Move your eyes side to side looking towards your eyebrows slowly, three times. Slowly continue to rub on the points on your chest and on your stomach, as your eyes travel across in an arc from one side to the other. Continue to do this 3 times or until you feel quite comfortable and quite safe.

Floor Level: Next to check that there is no danger at floor level. Slowly move your eyes from side to side at floor level, continuing to rub chest and stomach points.

As your brain and your body become conscious that you are safe, you will gradually find that the resources move from the survival areas at the back of your brain to the front areas where concentration, focused attention and as sense of being in control returns you can relax.

When you are relaxed your self-confidence, self-esteem and levels of competence rise.  When you are finished doing the activity your head clearer and re-energised. You may also feel your weight shift from your heels to your toes and your body may sway forward. Now you are ready to embrace whatever challenges lie ahead.

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