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Reached a point where you have become stuck, a big part of you wants to move forward and make a change, take a risk, step out and explore a different way of living or make brave career move, but your fears or something else won’t let you, then you need to “Rewire Your Brain for Success”. Disconnect the patterns that have held you back and connect up new neural pathways that will make moving forward not just easier but far more  successful.

Over the past 20 years Padraig King has helped thousands to rewire and reprogram their thinking and 🧠 thought processes so that they could achieve the results they wanted, needed and desired,  but up to then could only dream of, because their brain was programmed to stay safe, hold back and be in self preservation mode.

With the training provided you will be able to

  • Calmly Switch OFF Your  Limiting Fears,
  • Safely and  Easily Switch OFF Your Worries and Anxieties,
  • Happily Switch ON Your Confidence and full Competence
  • Comfortably Expand Your  Comfort Zone so that you can
  • Efficiently and Effectively take the steps that are needed to bridge the gap between having a burning desire – your  dream and turning this into Your New Reality!

With your whole brain and body fully SWITCHED ON to achieve your most significant goal your energy and attention are focused in such a way that


As soon as you are fully switched on and prepared for sure action you automatically Spark the entire universe both inside yourself and in the world around you,  to help and support you as the Right people and Right Opportunities converge to provide you with everything you need to succeed. This unexpected support for your success is known as synchronicity and happens when you are fully switched on,  “in the zone” and “in the flow”!

Once your brain is rewired, your thinking has become focused and you are fully switched on for success,  you will confidently be doing the right thing in the right way with the right people for the  right reason and getting the results you want in the most efficient and effective ways that bring such success that you can’t even begin to imagine for yourself at present!

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Success is a state of mind where you … achieve the success that you want, need and have dreamt of.

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Truly Successful, genuinely rich people know that success is not a destination that you reach, or an exam that you pass, to get certified as successful – it is a way of thinking, living and being that allows you to access and manage all of your resources, skills and abilities in a way that attracts others and opportunities into your life to make your smarter Goals easier to achieve.

Smarter “successful” people work harder for shorter periods of time than others. They know that by setting smarter goals and activating the laws of success that they can live with Freedom, Peace and Integrity.

Every week I help people, just like you, to switch off their anxiety their stress, serious overwhelm and those negative patterns of thinking and acting, emoting and speaking that have kept them on the lonely path to failure! I facilitate them to switch on their successful approach to living! that takes them to the other side of the door – the positive side and changes how they control their thoughts, emotions, actions and words so that they begin living positively, peacefully and successfully as they work towards their smarter goals!

Imagine being locked out of your warm house and standing there in the snow looking in at the dinner ready on the table, the heating on and you are freezing outside looking in. Think how you’d feel! Then imagine someone gave you a key that unlocked the door, you opened the door and stepped inside to the warmth and all your worries were over. That’s how one lady described the difference that unlocking the door in her mind made for her. She stepped in from the freezing snow and the biting cold of failure after failure in her life, and into the warmth and security of her home. She felt she was now in the home that she had been locked out of for so long. She started living successfully from that moment on.

Together we will simply and safely step you over the threshold and into the safety and happiness of your true home – your success centre.

I believe that genuine success begins at home, in your heart and in your mind and if these are aligned with your smarter goal, then you will have the full support and participation of the most powerful person in your life -yourself.

As soon as you start to take positive action in a peaceful and calm, confident manner, then you attract people and opportunities to support and resource you to reach your goal.

This is living the dream, living successfully and attracting success after success into your life.

Want to successfully unlock the doors of your mind, step out of the cold and into the warmth and positivity that supports and generates your lasting success and that has always been there, locked away inside of you, all this time? Want to experience a new way of seeing the world, and through the simple actions unlock the doors to your success?

Then message me and we can set up a free call. Spon you will start to feel more relaxed, positive and peaceful and no longer feel the bitter cold wind of FEAR, of isolation and of having been abandoned by life or luck!

Success is a state of mind that allows you to live in such a way that you start every day with gratitude for life, with passion, love and the positivity. The energy of your thoughts flows into your emotions, actions and words that you use. By acting as a magnet of positivity you attract like-minded people who want to share their resources with you and help you move towards your smarter goals and achieve the success that you want, need and have dreamt of.

Your success becomes all the sweeter when you share your time, resources and skill with others and facilitate them to achieve their goals successfully. This is what motivates me to share the doorways to success program that I have developed based on the help and support I have been supplying for more than 20 years to my clients.

I often use the analogy that a “good” hardware-store stocks everything you might want, but a GREAT store-owner knows where you can get those extra things you need to achieve your goal successfully, and he or she willingly shares this information with you. Truly Successful people like Carnegie don’t hoard resources – they share, because they care!

Continuing Success is built on Positivity, Passion, Peace, Mutuality and Generosity and grounded in Reality. You express success by the way that you think, act, speak and relate to others! Control your thought, emotions, actions and words and you create your continuing success.

Experience the JOY of real and lasting SUCCESS starting now.

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Need to make a hard decision but unsure which way to go?

Ready to make your move but something is holding you back?

Feel stuck? Unsure of what to do?

Lack the Certainty and Confidence to change and go for it?

If you have been looking for the right person to help then you have  probably spent hours chasing through Linkedin, YouTube and I bet you have not found a tailor made solution. You need a specialist in the area who can rewire your individual brain for success and that person is Padraig King. With more than 20 years experience of helping people just like you to make the right choices, step out of their comfort zones and achieve their potential no one is better positioned to offer you a tailor made training solution to meet you specific situation right now.

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Before taking your vehicle to a foreign country you would be wise to get it thoroughly checked and with his 25 point check of every aspect of you right now  he literally gives your brain, body, belief systems, and every other aspect of your body and mind not just a quick once over but an in depth check that reveals self sabotage, limiting behaviours and bad habits of the body and mind that will drain your energy and may cause you to crash and burn.  Don’t be caught out. ind=stead learn how to self check your entire system and ensure your immediate and continuing success.