The rule of threes in communications

Public Speaking

In public speaking as well as in writing

  1. Tell them what you will say.
  2. Say what you came to say.
  3. Tell them what you said.

Other rules that instantly come to mind for presentations

  1. Present visual support for your message with pictures, PowerPoint or drawings done on the spot. Even a scribbled drawing may be more effective than hundreds of words for a visual learner. 
  2. Speak slowly. Most new information is processed at between 60 and 80 words per minute. If you speak slowly everyone has a better chance of hearing all that you are saying, understanding it and connecting the new information to what they already know.
  3. Give live demonstrations or tell a practical story to illustrate your main points. Invite audience participation in your demonstrations as these provide tangible evidence that allows people to be convinced of the truth of what you are saying.

Because you want your audience to engage /buy/act/ respond in a particular way… present everything that is important at least three times

  1. First time they see/hear/feel/do something it may be simply interesting
  2. Second time it appears familiar
  3. Third time they encounter it they will most likely feel free to engage with it/ buy it or act in the desired manner.


 If you have other rules of three please feel free post them below instantly.