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From The Founder of the 90 Minute Focus Method: Padraig King
Subject : How To Unleash A Concentration Tordedo That will Help You Suck in Everything You Need for Your Exams.

Dear Blogger and Marketer,

Let me start off by asking a very simple question…

Aren’t you frustrated with the poor quality of your studying at present?

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I get it.

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Your Mind will be focused, which means that not only will you spend less time on distractions, but you will also end yup remembering far more from less study time.

Because after all…

What’s the sense in wasting your time studying if you are not taking it in and able to use it?
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The thing is that during the months that I’ve been fine tuning and perfecting the plugin the traffic keeps growing stronger and stronger…

Naturally, I’ve been keeping this awesome plugin to myself so that I didn’t have to compete with anyone and could keep all the traffic to me.

But since the internet is SO huge, I came to the conclusion that I would be selfish and it would suck BIG time if I would keep this WP plugin to myself when there are SO many marketers struggling for traffic out there…

It doesn’t correlate with my true values since it’s always my aim to help other marketers.

And besides, I know how much it sucks when you are desperate because your blogs are not receiving enough traffic (been there, too.)

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Here you go, some cool features:

You can also change every link from original website into your link
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You can add a popup
You can add a slide-in
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