Smarter Concentration Made Easy 2,4 hours


Focused Concentration is possible when your brain and body place a higher priority on a task than any other activity at that time!

To achieve this level of focus that allows you to be most efficient and effective you must eliminate or ignore all distractions, have the energy, time and a genuine purpose for the task. In this he draws on material from his SMARTER GOSL SETTING training course and applied it to switching on your focused concentration.

Padraig King takes the SMART goal setting process further in this training by ensuring that before you begin that you are also energised and motivated so that that nothing else is more significant than completing the task you are focusing on

Training Options:

You will learn

  • Why Concentration had been difficult for you
  • How to eliminate all the known causes of distraction
  • Identify and remove many previously unrecognised distractions that come from within your own brain and body
  • learn to use and apply the SMARTER Goal setting strategy developed by Padraig King
  • Learn to identify and prioritise the task to focus on first
  • Learn to switch on the pure continuous concentration that you have always known was possible but rarely experienced.

Expected Outcome

  • Easily optimise your concentration
  • Minimise time spent on distractions and off task
  • Maximise your attention span and achieve better results
  • so that you will better able to apply your concentration when and wherever it is needed and get the best return for your time and energy.

If this sounds like something you would like for yourself and your business team then book straight away!

Methodology: Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Self-Evaluation, Discussion, Clarification, Practice, Application and Competence!

Resources: Training Notes, Workbook and Audio Visualisations.

Accessibility: This is a fully interactive training with hands on practical steps laid out sequentially and is fully accessible and can be adapted for those in wheel chairs!