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After its success this course is now being made available to groups of 8 or more. Interested in having this unique and powerful course in you organisation, group or college/school? Message for details.

Learning Outcomes You Can Expect

By the end of this course you will

Know how to eliminate the distractions that were limiting your concentration
Know how to resource your brain and body to promote better concentration
Understand the significance of SMARTER Goals for you
Be able to set a goal to concentrate for more than 15 minutes at a time and achieve it using simple physical activities
Self-Regulate your energy, resources and attention to optimise your ability to stay focused
Be able to set smarter goals that will deliver the results that you have always been denied.
Know which physical activities promote deep concentration for you and for others.
Be able to use these techniques and activities safely with other people and help them to boost their concentration.
Be able to establish accurately which areas of your brain and body are switched on and supporting your concentration
Have the tools to switch on all areas of your brain and body which support concentration in a smarter and more effective way than ever before