SMARTER Goal Setting 2, 4, 8 hours


SMART Goals can be successful in certain circumstances and yet in others your energy and enthusiasm wane, your focus becomes distracted and you lose sight of your targets and do not achieve the return on investment that was expected. Padraig King noticed this in his clients some of whom reported that SMART goals were letting them down and so he developed a SMARTER way to set goals.

After analysing the root cause of their difficulties and reflecting on the experience of more than a hundred clients who were in a similar position Padraig King reworked the SMART goal setting process to include two extra steps that guarantee success in every situation. This has been borne out by the experience of 97% of who use it. Instead of taking a chance on achieving your goals learn how to guarantee your success with this simple but highly effective training.

Training Options:

  • In two hours learn the reasons why smart goals and other goal setting methods fail to deliver the required results and learn the strategy that Padraig King employs to guarantee success.
  • In 4 hours learn to set SMARTER goals for your business and select the priority goal to focus on right now.
  • In 8 hours learn how to set and priorities goals that guarantee success, eliminate all obstacles and shoot through to experiencing success immediately.

Expected Outcome: You will learn the SMARTER Goal setting strategy, apply it and use it to deliver guaranteed success.

If this sounds like something you would like for yourself and your business team then book straight away!

Methodology: Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Self-Evaluation, Discussion, Clarification, Practice, Application and Competence!

Resources: Training Notes, Workbook and Audio Visualisations.

Accessibility: This is a fully interactive training with hands on practical steps laid out sequentially and is fully accessible and can be adapted for those in wheel chairs!