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My Australian friend Sylvia Marina ND., a human behaviour specialist says “ If you could see you the way I see you… you would understand you a lot deeper. “

In my transformation work I say to those who trust me with their fears, traumas, broken-ness, hopes and dreams  “If you could see yourself, as I see you, you would embrace the changes that you need to make so that you can start living your life of freedom, abundance, fulfillment and happiness right now.“

I’m living the dream now. Are You?

If you are not yet living your dream then let me guide you on your journey to a new life focused on genuine happiness, personal fulfillment and abundance that you can share with those you love and acre for.

-I will build you a strong body, a healthy mind and balance your energy so that you can build the future of your dreams- pk com(1) When you trust me to help you transform your life be ready to make the changes to succeed. You will be committing a little time and energy every day but very soon you will find that you have got more free time and far more energy because you stepped up and began to live your life in a way that supports achieving your dreams.

Gone the frustrations, negativity and the limiting beliefs that held you in slavery to the clock and bank balances.

Gone too, the controlling opinions of others and the negativity, bullying and provocation.

Now you will be living in in your body but using it in a new way as you are calmer, more relaxed, more peaceful, creative, efficient and effective.

No longer a helpless victim, trapped in your present by events in your past, I will help and guide you to create a brand new future for yourself.

If you are not happy today and believe that you don’t have enough time to

  • do the things that you want to do,
  • visit places that attract you,
  • meet the people who are important to you and
  • relax in a way that restores your whole body, mind and spirit

then you need to do just one thing to break free of that limiting belief – talk to me. 

Find out about my shortcuts to living the life you want. 

Imagine having the freedom to

  • write that book you have started in your mind over and over,
  • visit the special place that you have researched and dreamed about,
  • drive the car, truck or plane that you are fascinated with,
  • meet the kind of people that you want to get to know,
  • sail on a yacht into the sunset  …..  you get the idea…

The first step is easy. Talk to me. The first call is FREE. See when I’m available to chat with you.

You no longer need to feel limited in time or energy. You no longer need to continue living without freedom from pain, suffering and feeling like a victim in your own personal hell.

If you limit the time and energy that you put into achieving the changes that you want in your life it is like saying to yourself “I’ll not feed myself properly in case I become strong, healthy, happy and energised”.

To succeed in changing your life you need more than luck! You need someone who has done it, been through the difficulties, self-pity falls, setback, disappointments, accidents and despair. You need someone who will  show you the shortcuts, guide you, uplift you and strengthen you as you grow and transform quickly and easily into the person that you have the potential to be..

Don’t go back to just hoping that somehow everything will be OK if you can just muddle through?

What is blocking you from making the changes that you need to start living your dream? Are you afraid of success or afraid of failure because you were ill prepared and unsupported the last time you made a change and it did not work out well for you? With me as your guide you will pick the right steps, move forward and reach your destination.

Are you going to be one of those people who hope that “Something might turn up!” and hope they win the lottery but never buy a ticket.  To change you must take action. I can minimise the effort you need to make, cut through jungle of fears and negativity and bring you along my  high path safely to your new life with a package of one to one sessions in person , by phone or on Skype calls.  I work with only 5 people at a time and have a place becoming available this week as another satisfied person, just like you, walks forward confidently in to the life they have created for them selves in just a few short months.

Every tiny step changes your position. If you want to make the right choices, make good decisions and act intelligently then you need to activate the areas of your brain that make this possible.

Areas of the Brain by Padraig King

Areas of the Brain by Padraig King

With almost 20 years of study, practice and constantly making new connections and discoveries, I know the brain inside out and how to make it work for you in ways that no one else has dared to show you. Did you know that the decision centre in your brain is located inside your forehead at the front.

To make a good decision that you will not regret or have second thoughts about The frontal and pre-frontal lobes need to be fed with plenty of your blood carrying in oxygen, nutrition of the right type and the water needed to carry your ideas from cell to cell.

I bet that no one told you that all it takes is one simple activity to switch on the blood-flow in the decision making area of your brain.

Lady Swayed Forwards

Lady Swayed Forwards

Do it now and see for yourself.

Stand up and place the palm of your hand on your forehead, hold it there until you feel your weight shift from your heels to your toes. Then take your hand down again. It may take a minute or more before you sway forwards depending on how much or how little you use this area of your brain.

Decisions made from fear or scarcity are usually based on getting short term results like “the boy who stuck his thumb in the dam”.

Those making survival decisions rarely have the luxury of looking a range of possibilities, at consequences, other developments and are rarely able to allow for personal growth and change. Scarcity decisions mostly assume everything will remain the same.

(However nothing remains the same and those in survival mode often end up chasing their tail trying to catch up with events as they are in reaction mode. He act only as a reaction when something unexpectedly changes. They are not in charge of their lives preferring to give away all their freedom to chance and the reactions of others. By continuing to be in survival and reaction modes they remain victims in their own lives.

Intelligent responsive decision makers take control of their lives and look at all the factors involved before they choose responsible the route that leads to the best result for themselves, and those they care for, in the long term.

Back to the weight shifting from your heels  to your toes. This indicates a shift in resources inside your brain and now you are in a better place to make a good intelligent decision that you can be proud of..

So make the first decision of the rest of your life. Let your new life start here. Weigh up the long term benefits and make a decision  that will take you from surviving to living, from fear to freedom, from suffering as a victim to to freedom, self confidence, self control and joy. Find out how I can assist you to make the changes that you want but have not dared to make on your own.

Ready to learn how to adapt, adopt and respond intelligently making decisions and putting the resources in place to create a better future for yourself?  If so, then let’s see how I can help you transform your life, make the changes that you need to achieve your goals, to live with your rightful abundance, and enjoy your freedom and the joy of living your dream life.

I’m living the dream. Are You? Take the survey

If you are not yet living your dream then let me guide you on your journey to a new life focused on genuine happiness, personal fulfillment and shareable abundance.

 Stop surviving and start living your own life now. Book your call here.

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