Are you studying for exams?

Working on getting certified?

Finding it difficult to concentrate?

Then you may benefit from attending our 2 day live action course which will be presented in 3 venues Cork, Dublin and Galway this Spring.

Then the course presented by Padraig King, founder of the 90 minute focus method will go on to Derry and on to London before going global.


Can’t learn
Can’t concentrate
Can’t remember what you learn         well NOW YOU CAN

This 2 day course will help you to make real and lasting changes to your concentration, memory and ability to express yourself and communicate what you have learned in a free flow of speech or writing. ideal for exams, interviews and studying.

Learn Easily : With practical activities you will learn to concentrate almost in spite of yourself!

Focus Quickly : Using quick, easy and effective activities you will learn to focus quickly and stay focused for much longer than ever before!

Be in Full Control : Take full control over your brain and body. Be still. Be calm. Be focused.

 Core Principles:

  • Your natural ability to concentrate is always available but distractions block your access.
  • When under pressure your unconscious awareness of possible dangers in your environment overrides your conscious desire to focus on any other task/object that is not essential for survival.
  • Restoring your body and brain to calm and stillness facilitates conscious control over your attention.
  • Given the right conditions you can establish and maintain deep concentration for up 90 minutes at a time.
  • Creating the right conditions for deep concentration enables you to learn, understand, memorise and recall beyond your current levels.
  • When you master your attention you begin to take control of your life.
  • Despite our ability to juggle we focus our attention properly on just one thing/task at a time.
  • Mindfulness is based on your ability to stay focused. You may increase your meaningful awareness of whre you are and what you are doing by being at this powerful transformative course.

Learning Outcomes You Can Expect

By the end of this course you will

  1. Know how to eliminate the distractions that were limiting your concentration
  2. Know how to resource your brain and body to promote better concentration
  3. Understand the significance of SMARTER Goals for you
  4. Be able to set a goal to concentrate for more than 15 minutes at a time and achieve it using simple physical activities
  5. Self-Regulate your energy, resources and attention to optimise your ability to stay focused
  6. Be able to set smarter goals that will deliver the results that you have always been denied.
  7. Know which physical activities promote deep concentration for you and for others.
  8. Be able to use these techniques and activities safely with other people and help them to boost their concentration.
  9. Be able to establish accurately which areas of your brain and body are switched on and supporting your concentration
  10. Have the tools to switch on all areas of your brain and body which support concentration in a smarter and more effective way than ever before

Assessment :

This course and does not require an exam as it is a highly practical course and you will learn as you do.

As you are participating fully and engaging in the activities then you will develop the skills, the understanding and knowledge that will allow you to go forward and use what you learn in this course to transform not only your life but the lives of all of those people that you share the activities with.

Do the course for yourself, for your family and those you care about. Everyone benefits from meaningful focus. As this is the only time this workshop will be presented in your area we are keen to fill the course with those who have been waiting for this all of their lives.

Booking is Essential. Limited places available.
Book today and beat the price rise on January 22nd     Book Now 


Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community of people who are in control of their concentration and can apply it to any task for as long as they wish. If you are not thrilled with the workshop then we have no interest in forcing you to continue using the activities and the SMARTER Concentration Made Easy Method .


Will there be video at the workshops? yes and a video of the activities will be available to you after attending the course.

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