At the end of February, when your mock exams are finished and corrected and you can see that you are running into difficulties because you don’t really know how to give it your all, then give me just one day and I will show you how to settle down, clear you head, relax your mind and focus your attention like never before.

Result: you will be able to study, learn, understand, remember and communicate what you know in exams and interviews quickly, easily, effectively and calmly.

My approach is based on almost 20 years as a teacher and the past 17 in private practice where i have made concentration, study and exam success possible for thousands who were struggling and lacked the skills, knowledge and techniques that would help them get the results that they wanted. Using a blend of physical activities to stimulate regions of the brain , relaxing visiualisations to eliminate your fear and frustration, worksheets to focus your mind and simple explanations of how it is possible to change the way that your mind works so that it delivers the results that you want.

It is such a shame to see a student struggle and fail, unable to concentrate and know that they could have been helped to focus and study to their true potential. Be your full self and get the results you are capable of.

Friday February 24th Dublin
Tickets €99 each
Book 2 tickets for €185
Book 5 tickets for €396

For Group bookings larger than 5 please contact us on 086 1723510
Exam Students: Concentration is the Key to Your Success