Team Ireland have been very successful in maintaining such high standards of concentration, focus and dedication. With so many competitors and such a wide range of sports involved it is difficult to remain focused as the athletes wait for their moment to perform at their peak, beat their personal best, hope to win competitions and feel the sense of achievement in knowing you did your very best.

Have a look at the schedule  of events that Team Ireland will be competing in over the next few days.

One of the most important things to remember is to ensure you have adequate water as it is easy to become dehydrated when you are tense, apprehensive and even mild sub-clinical dehydration can ruin your day as it impedes the flow of electrical energy in your nerves, brain and reduces the efficiency of you muscles, coordination and balance.

Sub-clinical dehydration can also make you narky and more prone to emotional outbursts, causing you to chose the less effective and less efficient way to compete.

In my work with athletes we explore and show them how to recognise for themselves when they are becoming even slightly sub-clinically dehydrated.

One simple way to check that i teach them is to take a small sip of water and hold it in your mouth.  Time how long it takes for your mouth to fill with saliva. If saliva takes more than about 5 seconds to begin to flow inside your mouth then you are sub-clinically dehydrated even if you have been drinking litres of water.

They ask me how this can be. I explain in practical terms that when you take water it is essential to take it in sips if you want it to be absorbed and used within the next 15 minutes. Those who take big swigs or drink litres end up going to the bathroom soon after.

Those who sip need to visit the bathroom less frequently as the sipped water is absorbed through the lining of the mouth, throat and stomach when it is mixed with the saliva that matches its make-up.  Their water is not absorbed from the large intestine. One of the major tasks of the large intestine is to absorb any necessary water from the water to maintain hydration levels. The people who sip water are absorbing clean fresh water directly into the capillaries of their mouth and throat rather than using recycled fluids from the body’s septic tank to hydrate their brain, nerves and muscles.

Every drop of water has minerals and other items in there. When you hold the water in your mouth the sensors tell the  salivary glands what is in the water and the correct type of saliva is produced to match the water and make it easily absorbed.

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