bath tub

“Soak in your bathtub with Epsom salts to ease aches and pains”, says Padraig King.  Remember to drink plenty of water also!

Pain and stiffness Suggestion for Padraig King
  • Add  enough warm water to your bath tub to cover your body when you lie in the water
  • put a mug of Epsom salts in the warm water and stir up the bath with your hand to allow the salts to dissolve
  • Add no soap, body wash, shampoo or oils to the water
  • soak your legs, back and neck in it for about 20 minutes in total
  • dry yourself and put on night attire
  • go to bed and sleep
  • on waking, shower to close your pores
  • repeat for a night or two and occasionally thereafter
 P.S.  Padraig King is presenting  a demonstration of “Making Muscles Move More” in Carrick on Shannon on Monday next March 9th at 7:30pm. Limited seating. Free Admission but by ticket only. 
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