Congratulations to everyone involved in Team Ireland at the London Olympics.  The competitors have done us proud irrespective of their placing. The invisible team of coaches, physios, nutritionists and medics  and many others have prepared a fantastic team who have given and continue to give to the best of their ability.
Peak performance on demand is difficult to muster and does not require luck or outside influences. Peak performances comes from inside when your subconscious brain, your heart and your conscious thoughts are fully focused on your goal. Then you summon up your truly unique potential and can exceed your personal best on demand.
In my sessions with athletes, players and competitors in a wide range of sports at all levels from under 7’s in community games to European champions my joy has been to see their truly unique potential being expressed in peak performances on demand.
Let’s hope the drive, determination and hard work of Team Ireland will lead the way to a new era of hope, achievement and success throughout  our nation.