Padraig King’s wellness clinic clients tell their story.

Padraig King’s wellness clinic clients tell their story.
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Testimonials from satisfied clients

at Padraig King’s wellness clinics.


“I suffered with anxiety for a long time.

After attending Padraig’s clinics I feel lighter, freer and happy to be alive.

Think of all the things you could never say, and then imagine begining to say them……..

Imagine all the things you thought you couldn’t do and began to discover you could do them well….

Then for a moment imagine someone could help you –

He has helped me to begin to LIVE my life. That’s my reason to call Pádraig King.”

A.H.  Co. Leitrim.


Back ache, Temperature, Sick stomach.

“My back no longer tender, head clearer and stomach less sick.

After attending Pádraig my ailments cleared e.g. pain between shoulder blades completely disappeared.”

J.H. Co.Longford.

 Physical and Emotional Ailments.


“Pádraig helped me physically & emotionally resulting in a very positive outcome.”

S.B.  Co. Roscommon.

  Child’s Muscles too tense;


“ More Flexibility. Padraig freed up muscles and my son now walks with more balance and stability”

G.H.  Co. Longford.

Problems with Concentration, reading, behaviour etc.


“My son’s reading is now very good, happier in himself and more confidence when reading”

Pádraig has a very positive impact in terms of treating problems from a different perspective e.g. overactivity, concentration.”

M.B.   Co. Leitrim.

 Blood Pressure. Cholesterol.


“I now feel calm, relaxed and de-stressed.

Great help with feelings of well being. Gets your health back on track”.

M.Q.  Co. Roscommon.

Problems with Back, Ankle & Voice.

“I now feel lighter, happier, freer, more movement.

After seeing the work and results coupled with his sensitive, caring manner, I feel it is a very safe, healing environment, with great care”/

JD  o Louth.

Lack of zest for life.


“My teenage son feels more positive, freer, calmer, more energy, lighter, like a big weight is lifted off his shoulders.

He did an English essay & sat up until 2.00a.m to finish it before the deadline. Then before going to bed he printed it off for college next day – he would never have done this before”

CH  Co. Longford.

Breathing difficulty.

“Pádraig toned abdominal muscles to improve my son’s breathing.

My son is now calm, happy and relaxed.”

PF  Co Roscommon.

These are just a few positive feed back  stories.

Why not start your today.

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