Using a wide range of therapies that he is trained in, Padraig King has successfully treated thousands of clients in his clinics throughout Ireland and abroad. To book your appointment go to or text to 0861723510


He specialises in pain removal and finding the root cause of your difficulties, often overlooked by others. Using the fastest, simplest and pain free approach he naturally correct the root cause and the symptoms disappear.

Using applied kinesiology he finds the single point in your system that needs to be addressed so as to restore your wellness of body, mind and spirit,.

He is unique in his work as he creates a safe place for babies, children teens and adults to make real changes immediately and then removes pain, discomfort, stress and anxiety in the simplest manner possible.

With many years of experience in helping those with low self confidence and poor self esteem to reach their true potential and feel successful in their lives Padraig King is the ideal person to help you or your child to be at your full potential, confidently, calmly and with the natural self assurance that is everybody’s natural right.

Renowned for helping women to carry babies to full term, adjust their pelvis and make it easier for them to birth

he also works with babies to help them latch on, suck satisfactorily and he uses applied crainiosacral therapies to release tongue ties, change the shape of a child’s upper palate, allow nose breathing and restore heads to the natural shape after a difficult birth or use of the vacuum has misshapen them.

Using his wide range of stress release techniques he quickly, safely, easily and painlessly releases the deep rooted emotions and shocks that that become embedded in your nervous system and may be limiting your ability to function as you would like to be.

With a lifetime of training and application of his own special techniques he will help you to concentrate quickly, easily, happily and for much longer than you can believe possible

Many clients arrive needing a boost for their memory. whether for exams and just for day to day living, remembering to do things or names and faces Padraig King makes using your memory more effectively an easy, fun and a relaxing activity.

As a consultant in Educational Kinesiology (brain Gym is a tiny area in this field of study) and as a trainer with international recognition Padraig King uses Brain Gym activities and balances to improve reading, writing, spelling, computation, self confidence and self esteem in students of all ages and abilities. Having worked for almost 20 years in main stream classes, learning support and resource classrooms in primary schools both in Ireland and in Spain he is well equipped to help you or your child to improve your abilities in the fastest, easiest and more effective ways in the shortest period of time.

Kinesiology usually involves muscles testing the body to see were imbalances lie. different muscles when checked will indicate an under energy or over energy in a system, an organ or a muscle. Once established through muscle testing and other feedback methods it it then possible to correct these imbalances using gentle touch , rubbing or lymphatic stimulation and massage. Applied Kinesiology goes further and uses far more information to get the body to relax and heal at a deeper and more sustainable way.

Using applied craniosacral therapies Padraig King relieves and removes shoulder, eases away foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain and strain, hip, lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulder and neck pain as well as head aches and sinus pain. This is done in the calmest most relaxed way while you are lying or sitting down.

Padraig has a special way of working with fascia that makes it possible to reset the muscles, ligaments and cartilage of the entire body so that you can be restored to wellness, look and feel great again.

For those attending his clinics and those who book calls with him online the favourite part of their session can be the visualistaions. Using a calm, soothing and relaxing voice he leads you into a peaceful state where changes take place at a cellular level and allow you to make years worth of healing happen in your body and mind in minutes. Each visualisation is unique and produced based on he conditions that you present with.

He teaches courses in Brain Gym, Optimal Brain Organisation and Touch for health Kinesiology as well as a suite of courses that he has developed himself for concentration, memory and learning enhancement.

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