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Padraig King is  professional educator with 17 Years experience in teaching before he became an internationally accredited trainer for a number of proprietary courses and developed a number of his own courses based on his extensive experience.

His style of teaching is energetic, practical and engaging. He builds on the knowledge you already have and extends this to encompass new and more efficient and effective ways of thinking, understanding, concentrating, memorising and performing at your best in business, sports, education or day to day situations.

Using the insights and understandings gained during his recovery from a devastating accident in 2001 and his insights into the way the mind and body work together, combined with his extensive training and ever inquisitive mind, he has produced a number of unique courses and workshops.  His courses on Focus, Self Control, Concentration, Memory and his “90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners” make him a leader in the field of personal management and productivity.

To arrange for Padraig King to train your group, staff or organisation call his office at📲 +353861723510