How to Transform Your Fear Paralysis into Productive Actions

In the 90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners we use a simple step by step activity to feel the fear and then override it so you can get the job done!

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Our step by step Method:

Part 1

Step 1 Once you identify your fear, notice how it generates a negative sensation in your body as well as creating turmoil in your mind. Identify where this sensation is strongest. Feel the cold sensation emanating from this area of your body.

Step 2 Cross your ankles,

Step 3 Stretch your arms out in front of your chest at shoulder height if possible

Step 4 With arms still outstretched turn your thumbs towards your feet

Step 5 Pass one hand over the other so that your fingers will interlock gently

Step 6 With fingers interlocked relax your shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists

Step 7 Imagine that you have your favourite sweet, candy, mint or toffee
on the roof off your mouth and begin to suck it occasionally.

Step 8 Soon a positive warm sensation will begin to grow within your body

Step 9 Allow yourself to enjoy feeling this sensation spread wider and further
until it cancels out the cold negative fear sensation that you experienced a moment before.

Part 2

(We suggest that yiu do this part only after experiencing the fear sensation and the warm sensation)

Step 1  Now uncross your ankles and your hands.

Step 2 Rub your hands together until they feel really warm especially the base of each thumb.

Step 3 Rest your elbows on your knees.

Step 4 Close your eyes and rest your closed eye sockets on the warm bases of your thumbs

Step 5 Soon you will feel the heat begin to transfer into your eyes through closed lids

Step 6 Now in your mind picture yourself doing the task that generated the fear and become aware of the positive feeling of success you will experience when you have completed the task

Step 7 Notice where this positive feeling is generating a positive sensation in your body

Step 8 Allow it to blend with the warm sensation that you experienced a few moments ago

Step 9 Allow this combined positive warm sensation to eliminate the cold previously fearful sensation and then get up and do the task.

Remember when you control your emotions, thoughts, words and actions you can take full control of your personal and business life.

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